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Don’t be, because the facts that we are about to present to you could bring a smile on your face and there are very high chances that you would Agree to the above-mentioned line?

Let us 1st understand, who is an Event Planner?

Anyone who Ideates, Designs, Plans & Manages a group of people, gathering together for a purpose, Mostly Celebration

How many of you have planned your birthday party, an innocent treat at the school canteen, or a wild night in College. Have you ever been in any of the organizing teams of your school functions like Annual day, Sports day, Farewell, Picnics, etc And what about college fests? Were you part of any events there?

Have you ever planned a surprise for anyone? Your parents, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or a close friend?

Does it ring a bell yet? If not there’s more 

Have you ever been part of a Diwali party in your neighbourhood or a Holi party, Christmas, or New Year’s party? If you were born before 1987 there are high chances that you were involved in Ram Leela or Janmashtami in your neighbourhood.  

If you are a working professional, were you part of anyone's office party, a colleague’s farewell party, that annual meet or awards function. Worst did your boss ever tell you to organize something for a party at his place.

Assuming, you would have a “Yes” for at least one of the above questions, We would like to congratulate you for organizing your 1st Event!

 Let us once again go down memory lane,

What were you feeling while you were a part of these events? Did you enjoy doing any of these?  Did the pressure to meet the deadlines excite you? Did you have at least one sleepless night thinking of an out-of-box theme for your birthday? Remember the time while you were selecting the Menu for your party, did you think about your guest's preferences? Have you ever made a guest list? Did you make sure all your guests are coming? Did you speak to the D.J. before the party? Did you go to the site before everyone to check the decor?
If you enjoyed any of these things, if you think you felt rewarded to see smiles on your guest’s faces, you were thrilled to see people enjoying themselves; sharing an experience.
Congratulations you are a half- Event planner already

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Do we have a smile on your face now?

We believe that everyone has an event planner inside them. It’s just about exploring yourself and realizing your potential. We feel that everyone who has organized some of the other events in life is An Event Planner.
Event Planning is one of the only subjects that do not require any algorithm or formula to be mugged up in order to be effective. It doesn't include a difficult selection test which should be cleared in order to be qualified. All you need is an Eye for Detail, Good communication skills, Passion and Commitment, Organization & management skills, and most importantly General awareness and knowledge.

If you have most of these event planning skills, chances are you’ll do a great job being an event planner. If not, you can still become a  successful event professional since most of these can be developed through determination and willingness to learn. It is all about continuous learning and improving with each event.
In past, Event Management was not considered a subject of study till about 7 years ago. But with time and requirements in the industry, things have changed drastically. A lot of Event Management Institutes coming up like Wedding Management Institute for persuing the Event management course, which aims at providing an opportunity to the people to follow their passion with knowledge and comprehensive training. We are living in a period where a person exactly knows what he wants and what it costs? No doubt the Event Industry is one of the most satisfying industries, but with that comes a huge responsibility. The responsibility to make sure that each and every guest was happy and went back with an experience to remember is not an easy job.  A  lot of you might have the skills required to be a part of this event industry, but without Grooming them, you won’t be a professional. 

So the point is all of us have an Event Planner inside us, but the real question is How to become a
knowledgeable & successful Event Planner.
To know some insights on What it takes to be a Wedding Planner, check out our blog on the same.

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