Our Vision

about us

Weddings in India are considered to be a Recession-Proof Industry. The wedding business in India, is worth $40 billion, and is growing massively every year. WMI assists young aspirants and entrepreneurs gain the right collection of skills and knowledge, for them to begin working with existing Wedding Planners OR to start their Own Ventures. It also assists the Working Professionals to make a career change in search of their passion. These ready professionals would now be a perfect match for wedding management companies that are struggling to find skilled team personnel to ensure their continued growth.

Our Mission

WMI provides learners with a comprehensive education, and skills required in the field of weddings, which triggers their overall growth and prepares them to become Competent Wedding Professionals. Based on extensive research WMI introduced subjects like Wedding Planning, Set Designing, Floral Designing, F&B, Hospitality & Logistics, Destination Weddings, and other subjects which provide insight to every aspect of Wedding Management. With these prepared professionals, India's notoriously unorganised wedding industry could be on its way to becoming more organised. The ultimate goal is to provide education that will serve as a platform for like-minded people from related industries to meet, interact, and engage in order to make this industry larger and more systematic.

about us

Our Journey so far

about us

The Wedding Management Institute is Delhi's first and foremost wedding education institute. With only two years into this revolution, we are proud to acknowledge our journey so far:

  • Four full time and Three Online Batches
  • Perfect track record of getting internships for 100% of our students
  • 100% Placement Record to the students who wanted to be placed
  • Trained students from across 25 cities in India and Abroad already
  • 15+ Masterclasses from industry stalwarts
  • 20+ Offsite visits
  • International Assignment with Wedding Sutra Engage
  • Practical exposure at 5+ Premium Wedding Destinations
  • One of a kind graduation ceremony.