What You Should Be Looking for in a Wedding Planner

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While planning a wedding by yourself, it is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed. There is so much involved from finding the right venue to contacting vendors and sending out invitations along with monitoring the budget. Even though all of the pressure you take on planning a wedding is to make sure that everything runs smoothly on your d-day, it is important to enjoy yourself throughout the process. 

But it is possible that you may get exhausted if you are juggling between your job and wedding preparations. This is the reason why wedding planners exist. They are there to make your job easy and make sure that everything goes as planned on your wedding day. 

So, if you are also thinking of hiring one then here’s what you should look for before hiring a wedding planner. 

1. Trust

This is going to be the person whom your wedding planning will rely upon. So, it is important that you trust the person. So, start off with a meet-up. There can be times during your wedding planning when you might feel stressed. That’s where the wedding planner’s job is to ensure that everything will go right. It’s their personality and trust factor that you should be looking for n a wedding planner. 


2. Service Expectations

You might be having some needs and expectations of your wedding. See if the wedding planner you are looking for can promise to fulfill those needs of yours. Most likely your wedding planner will show you a list of packages that they provide. But if you have any other expectations, don’t shy away from asking for it. This way you can make sure that the person you are hiring is right for you. You will be in close contact with the wedding planner all the time throughout the wedding who will make sure everything runs smoothly. So, don’t hold anything back while talking about what you want. 


3. Timing and Slots

It is possible that the planner you are thinking of hiring has other commitments to fulfill around your wedding dates. Never go for such a wedding planner. You need to make sure that the planner is free so that he/she can focus on making your wedding a success. A wedding planner who is solely dedicated to your wedding will give you much more relief than a planner who will keep running back and forth from your place to some other couple’s wedding venue. 


4. Budget management

The key to hiring the best wedding planner is to communicate. You need to make sure that the person you are hiring can manage your money wisely. A good planner will always help you make good financial decisions rather than looking for ways to grab the commission without telling you. You surely don’t want to compromise on the quality of your wedding. So, find a wedding planner who can ensure a practical approach to fulfilling your expectations. 


5. Communication

In order to reduce stress during your wedding, communication is a very important part that you should never miss out on. You need to know how well in the communication you will be with your planner. Will the planner gives you every single update as soon as something happens or if they give you an overview at planned timings? The planner’s job is to handle everything while communicating everything with you. Giving updates and ensuring that you know what’s happening is one of the key things that makes up for a good wedding planner

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