What Is Going To Happen To All Postponed Events?

postponed events during Pendemic
In the wake of COVID-19, almost the entire world went into lockdown. While measures like closing public gatherings, schools, malls, etc were taken, one of the biggest industries was hit hard by this worldwide spread of the virus. It is the most difficult time for the industry which was considered as one of the highest revenue generators a few months ago. 

While a lot of events got canceled, there were many that got postponed. Now the question is, what will happen to the postponed ones since the whole world is in lockdown and nobody knows when life will get back to normal. 

The Future of Postponement

how to postponed events
Since nobody knows when this lockdown will be lifted for good and public gatherings will be allowed, a lot of businesses have postponed their events for later this year. The most likely time for the events now is November and December. This has given rise to excessive venue bookings and brands pushing hard to capture their audience and generating interest in their events so that they can get as many people as they can, for their events. 

But that’s only possible if the world economy gets restored as it is facing a severe decline right now. If reports are to be believed, the world will only get back to normal by the end of this year seeing the severe spread of this virus. 


When will events happen again?

postponed wedding and event in pandemic

If you go on the internet, you will find multiple answers to this question. And almost all of those answers are mere assumptions of what might be the scenario 5 months from now or a year from now. 

While there are chances that the virus will die down by the end of this year, scientists still aren’t sure whether to give any solid statement on this. 

But don’t be worried as things are already starting to change. The ground zero of the Virus which is Wuhan, China, has already lifted its lockdown and flattened the curve. The recovery process has sped up which is a ray of hope that COVID-19 will soon become a problem of the past and our lives will be restored again. 


What should you do?

Now, the question is, what you should be doing in such a situation. Well, there’s nothing you can do about your canceled events but you can take a different route though. You can always organize virtual events. You can either wait for the virus to die out or you can take a step forward and enter the virtual event industry that can open the doors to a seamless set of audiences. 

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