What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

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Whether you are thinking of making a career in wedding planning or you are looking forward to hiring one, the question might be coming to your head, “What does a wedding planner do?”

Well, wedding planner’s job requires much more than planning everything from catering to the venue for the wedding. 

In order to answer this question better, we have prepared a small “guide” that will tell you everything that you need to know about a wedding planner’s job. So, before jumping into the job profile of a wedding planner, you must know what a wedding planner is. 


What is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is a professional who helps a couple in planning, organizing, and managing their wedding. A wedding planner helps the couple in saving time and effort by handling the entire operation. A wedding planner gives the couple a an assurance that the wedding will be taken care of. This is why there are a lot of traits that a wedding planner must possess that include good communication skills, great personality, remaining calm under pressure, management skills, etc. 


 What does a Wedding Planner do?

A wedding planner’s job is to communicate with the clients and get to know them better. From knowing their expectations to preparing for the wedding by providing the best solution under their budget, there’s a lot that a wedding planner does. So, here is a list of things that a wedding planner does. 

1. Consultation
The first step is talking with the couple. It’s mainly to know about the couple’s needs and expectations along with the budget. The wedding planner’s job is to make the couple aware of what’s practical under their budget. Also, the most crucial part of it all is to listen. By listening to the couple, a planner builds a trust factor and understand their needs better. 

2. Vendors and services

A good wedding planner is supposed to have contacts in the industry. These contacts include decors, catering, photographers, makeup artists, etc. By knowing the budget, a wedding planner is supposed to provide the best deal for the couple and make sure that they are available on the wedding day. 

3. Coordinate 
It’s not just making arrangements for weddings but it is also coordinating with vendors and making sure that everything is running smoothly on the wedding day. For that, the planners usually arrive early at the venue and make sure everything is available as planned. They make sure that all the guests at the wedding are welcomed with a smile and they are served with food etc. So that they don’t have to approach the vendors again and again and the couple and the guests can enjoy their time during the wedding. 

4. Budget
Every wedding has a budget and the wedding planner’s job is to provide the best in that budget. So whether it is booking the venue, hiring vendors, or turning the clients’ vision into reality as much as possible. 


Weddings are supposed to be about the couple and celebrating their day with their loved ones. A wedding planner’s work is to help the couple is enjoying the day without worrying about anything. It’s about running everything smoothly and handle any barriers that might come in the way of someone’s dream wedding and budget destination wedding. So, if you want to know more about wedding planners then you can contact Wedding Management Institute. We are among the top institutions in the country that help aspiring individuals by turning them into wedding pros with the help of their professional Event Management Course

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