5 Important Questions A Wedding Planner Must Ask The Client


5 Important Questions A Wedding Planner Must Ask With Client

As the wedding industry is prospering, the need for wedding planners is also growing. Whether it is catering for your wedding ceremony or wedding florist, decoration, designing invitations, setting up the budget, or choosing the location for your ideal celebration, wedding planners will help you to fight for the dream wedding that you have been dreaming of for years now. 

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It is true and the fact that a successful wedding is the result of successful planning. If you have a creative wedding planner to plan your wedding, then you must not worry. You should enjoy the ideal day and make great memories with your family and friends. As a wedding planner, whether you are a nascent planner or a successful event planner, you will definitely know what are the things are highly considered at the wedding. If you had a chance of obtaining formal training to plan a wedding, then you would know what to discuss and what not to.

At Wedding Management Institute, we strongly train aspiring event and wedding planners and focus on educating the students on dealing with the clients and handling the giant events, and attention to detail.

5 Important Questions A Wedding Planner Must Ask With Client

However, if you are confused about what you must ask your client, then here are some questions that should ask and discuss with your client while planning his or her wedding ceremony. 

1. Budget

Budget is what makes your event a grand success and extravagant. Be it a small intimate wedding or a premium starlit wedding, you must be aware of the compatibility of the budget and plan accordingly. Ask your client, if they are fixed on the budget or open-ended, it will help you manage the last-minute changes at the wedding and minimize the risks. Ask them to give an approximate per person budget, it will give you an idea to calculate essentials accordingly. 

2. Number of Guests

If you are done with the budget, ask the client to lay down the details of the guests attending the event. Talk in numbers, if not precise, get an estimated and expected number. It will give you the idea of utilizing the budget, help you distribute the budget precisely, and ask counter questions if the budget and the guest list are conflicting. Keep some extra space in your budget for your guests arriving at the last-minute.

3. Book the dates, Book the Venue

Do not expect that everything will be the way you want it! It is, at times, difficult to find the desired location and the venue for your wedding during your marked dates. So, while discussing the dates and the location with your client, ask them to give you a clear answer about what type of wedding venue you want, setting, decoration, and arrangements you want. This will help you choose the venue that suits perfectly with their choice. You should also see if the location and the venue are in your budget, you can also discuss alternative locations with the client. 

4. Must have things at the wedding

While discussing with the client, you must also ask the must-have things that the client wants, as these prioritized things may create obstructions later. So, it is advisable to ask what precisely are the big things they need at the wedding, you also have to see if those things come within your budget and much they will sweep your budget. For instance, if your client wants some celebrity to perform at the wedding, you need to reserve the expanses for that as well. 

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5. Must not have things at the wedding

While discussing must have, you must also ask what the wedding must not have. As some are pure vegetarians and they would not want to serve non-veg at all, some just go for chickens. Some would also be against serving liquor if the wedding happens to be of Islamic culture. So, you must discuss all these details with your client and get everything clear in your head and client's head too. 

Tip: Proper communication with your client will help you lay down everything perfectly, and remain informed about the plans discussed, it will not give you last-minute surprises. So, it is important to be informed while planning the event or executing it. And if you are looking to brush up your even management skills like this one, then you should look into our Event Management Course.

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