4 Useful Hacks To Ace Your Event Management Job Interview

event management job interview

A job interview can be stressful. You might go blank and forget the basic information you knew outside the panel room. You need to be prepared to give relevant examples and use your experience to back up answers during an interview. Spend some time thinking through the learnings and value you bring to the table as a result of your experience before an interview. Event Management Job Interview isn’t very different, if you equip yourself with certain hacks to ace it. Keeping a few hacks handy for your job interview as an Event Planner can go a long way.

So here are 4 Useful Hacks to stand out in your Event Management Job Interview:

1. Make sure your speech matches your appearance

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Correct  posture, and maintaining eye contact are critical in making a good impression. Different countries have different parameters to judge little things in an interview, hence be sure about how crossing arms or keeping hands on the table is considered in the particular area. Maintaining eye contact can make you look confident, but it should not make the other person uncomfortable. Also, even if it is a friendly interview, make sure you only use a professional/ formal language. Keeping a balance of all these little aspects can create a good impression.

2. Promote Well

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Understand that you are not just presenting yourself but also your brand. Event management is different from a normal job because one needs to showcase past experience related to organizing events or having pursued online courses, to the employer. Many companies may view the profession as all fun and creativity, hence potential employers want to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the reality behind the glitters. An event manager needs to be a package of all the leadership skills plus and should possess the basic technical skills related to photography.

3. Be prepared for unprepared surprise questions

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Although there is no material that covers all that can be asked in an interview, you can do some research beforehand and answer the hypothetical question with a situation relevant to the company and/or industry. For example, If you were a robot, what would you want to do? Don’t hesitate in saying that you are unaware of the answer for some random question. Avoid verbose and vague responses that turn off interviewers and keep your interview responses to the point, crisp and ask if you addressed their question satisfactorily. Use your past experience to tackle such situations and turn it to your advantage.

4. Avoid Reiterating Your Resume

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Remember that you already have submitted your resume and only then you were invited for the interview, hence the panel wishes to hear something other than what is mentioned in your resume. You can talk about your upbringing and things that have affected your decision to take up a certain profession. This being the most basic question is the make or break question. It creates a first impression and holds the highest power to get you selected. You have a lot to talk about as it’s a highly demanding position that requires extensive organization, time management and people skills. An event management job interview is not just about your education or courses, it is also about your skills like management, communication, persuasion and other things.

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