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Productivity Tools For Every Event Planners

Are you an event planner who is lamenting about never-ending to-do lists of the important tools that could make you more efficient? Today, your wait comes to an end. In this blog, we will discuss 7 significant tools that will make you the most efficient event planner. You can leave and surrender all your antique tools after you get to know about these advanced tools for event planning

Will you repent if you achieve the same outcomes in lesser time? Perhaps, no one will repent it. Every one of us wants to spend less and achieve more, these popular productivity tools that we complied for you can make your task easier and less stressful. These tools will help you manage and organize your data with a swipe of your fingers, additionally giving you a little push to multitask effectively. 

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Some events are herculean to manage, and some can become brutes, with multiple moving parts and several teams pulling on them to get it done. To keep every different component in place and going, why don't you use one of these project management tools to organize your hotchpotch ideas?


It is important to keep track of your audience like what they are talking about or asking for. So, it is inevitable to have a tool to keep tracking the audiences, you can save those notes to Pocket or Evernote ideally. It also helps you keep track of your various social media profiles, manage your all profiles from one dashboard, help you schedule and post simultaneously from one place. 


Trello is one of the most advanced tools that event planners can use to plan, schedule, and organize things in one place. It will help you keep a watch on what needs 'to be done,' what is 'processing,' and what is achieved. 


If you are really into business, then Basecamp is a project management software for you. Whether you want to keep track of your workflow, work schedules, reporting, share files and documents, and messaging and group chat. Basecamp is Ideal software for managing your project work, clients, and teams. 

4.Ideas and Document Management

If you really want to cut the clutter of huge doc files, presentations, pitches, and want to get rid of piles of documents off your desk, then you must try these tools, which will help you carry every document in an organized style that you can access instantly.

5.Google Drive

If you are looking for an easy and cheap way to manage and organize your documents, huge attachments, excel sheets, presentations, photos, and videos, then you must use this drive to store, organize and share your files anytime, anywhere. Most importantly, it allows you to give access to your colleagues to view, download, and collaborate with the files you share. 


'Put knowledge in your pocket,' says its tagline. Did you forget to bookmark the article you wanted to read? Forgot where you save the client's presentation? We have a solution to all this clutter as well. The pocket can help you with all the documents that you want to bookmark, read later or save. 


After you are done keeping these articles in the Pocket, you can use Evernote to save the useful articles, notes for your future references. You can save everything in this tool from your rough doodles to pictures, pdfs to recordings.

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