Event Planning: Top 5 tips to Remain Motivated During lockdown

Event Planning: Top 5 tips to Remain Motivated during lockdown

If you are in the event industry then you might already know the trouble this whole lockdown situation has caused. With rising cases of COVID-19 around the world, everyone is asking the same question. “When will things get back to normal?”

Well, it’s certainly not the best time for industries like event planning whose modus operandi mostly relies on outdoor ventures or public gatherings. With lockdown and social distancing being the biggest challenge, the event industry is now well adopting to the Internet. 

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But being an event planner, sitting at home comes with its own challenge. While things start to become really slow and fewer to no projects come in, you can start losing on the motivation. Whether it’s the feeling of a new project or a deadline that motivates you, you can always do other things to keep you going and help you build your career even during the lockdown. 

1. Wake Up Early

This goes without saying. When every day is a holiday, you have to make sure that you are doing one thing productive that can set one day apart from another. Now, when you wake up early after sleeping for 6-8 hours, you can actually do some Yoga and set the vibe for the day. You can plan the things you need to accomplish in the day. 

2. Update Portfolio

Since you are an event planner, you’d need to build a portfolio to show it to your clients for work. If you already have one, you can make some changes to it and see how you can make it look more attractive or professional or see what skills you can add which brings us to the next tip.

3. Learn a New Skill

When it comes to keeping yourself motivated during the lockdown, there’s one thing that you can definitely do. It’s learning a new skill. You can learn a new language, do an online course, get event planning diploma through online studies and so much more. 

4. Get a Hobby

Being motivated is on one side and having afternoon blues is on the other side where you literally have nothing to do. In such cases, you can kill your boredom by picking up a hobby and working on it every day. This will keep the endorphins flowing and also help you feel motivated throughout the day. 

5. Look for Opportunities

Even if physical events are not happening, doesn’t mean that the event industry has stopped working. Events are happening every day. The only difference is that now they are happening online. Online seminars, events, conferences, and so many more things are now taking a digital turn. So, you can look out for opportunities as an event planner to organize, manage, and host such events. 

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There is so much to do during this lockdown if you are fortunate enough to not worry about food and shelter. You can actually work on yourself and lookout for opportunities that can help you get some work during this lockdown. If you still don’t have a certificate in event planning, you can also pursue that during this period with our Event Management Course. Come to Wedding Management Institue (WMI), a top institution that can help you get quality learning and experience that is required to be a pro in the event planning industry. Feel free to reach out to Wedding Management Institue now!

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