Top 4 Tips to Improve Virtual Event Presentation

When it comes to virtual events, its success can be determined by the personality and effectiveness of the presenter. With the outbreak of coronavirus, almost the entire world has been pushed inside homes and the companies are forced to move online. So, all the meetings and events have shifted to online. With this, there has arisen a need for trained presenters who can manage or coordinate the virtual event. 

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Tips to Present a Virtual Event 

1.Dress Appropriately

This first tip is to remind you to dress your best on the event day. Even if it is a virtual event, there are very high chances that you will be asked to keep the camera on. Also, it can help you get into the character while presenting a virtual event from home. You can choose to wear a suit or throw in a formal shirt to dress for the day. 

2.Create an Engagement Plan

You need to go hard on the engagement plan. Being a presenter, it is one’s job to make sure that the audience is engaged and not feeling left out. You can plan engagement sessions or create a complete plan like you would in a regular event. 

There are a number of things you can do to maximize engagement. For example, contests, polls, Q&A sessions, Surveys, or animations and videos. 

3. Check Microphone

Also, there’s one more thing you need to know. It’s how you sound and if you’re audible to everyone. While presenting, you have to be clear, or else nobody will be able to hear you because there are already audio issues that come with a bad network. 

You can go for the quality microphone, preferable directional so that you get a mic that only pics up sound from a specific direction and not from around. 

4.Practice More

The best way to prepare for a virtual event is to practice. You can do that by reading your script in front of a mirror. A virtual event can be as intimidating as a regular event, especially when you are new. 

So, if you are looking for tips to present a virtual event then you must not forget about this one as it will help you build confidence to speak when the camera is pointing at you. 

Improving Virtual Presentation for Event

Here we have discussed some of the ways in which you can improve your presentation for your virtual event. 

1. Keep it Engaging

Since it is a virtual event, all eyes will be on the presentation. So, you have to keep it beautiful and engaging. For this, you can either take the easy approach of keeping it light and breezy by using less text and more pictures. Or you can take the approach where you add different graphs, texts, lines, etc. 

2. Work as a Team

Just because you’re a presenter, doesn’t mean that you have to work alone. Since the event is streamed, you can get the questions through a chat box where all the queries are moderated. So, once you are done with the presentation, you can go on and reply to those questions. This can help you in focusing on the event. 

3. Stand During Your Presentation

Presentations are all about energy and enthusiasm. If you are a little nervous about sitting throughout your presentation or not feeling as much confident then you can stand during your presentation to keep the blood 

4.Engage Your Audience More Often

In order to have an impactful presentation, you need to work on the engagement part. Try to engage the audience within a few minutes of your presentation. You can ask them questions or you can ask them to rate something and mention it in the chatbox. You can try such activities throughout your presentation to keep up the enthusiasm and engagement of your audience. 

Virtual Events are a new reality that one has to accept. If your work as a presenter is to make the event a success then you can try the measures given above. The key is to be confident and remember that there are people out there listening to you and most probably watching you. So, you can try these tactics to tackle fear and nervousness and ace your presentation. 

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