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Top 10 Timesaving Event Planning Tricks

Every person has a purpose in life. And it keeps changing with our priorities, goals, and targets. When you achieve something, you do not stop. You want to move on and on, excel, and improve your capabilities every day. If you are an event planner, no matter how successful, you would want to take your expertise and skills to the next level and be more productive on event days. The event Planner's job is one of the most hectic jobs that require unlimited learning, unstoppable efforts, and timely up-gradation of skills. 

Today, we have compiled a list of 10 Timesaving Event Planning Tricks and Things to Keep in Mind While Planning an Event that will help you in planning your event in a jiffy and timely. These tips will help you plan, outline, design, and execute your effective, productive strategies. If you are an aspiring Event Planner, you should know the Must have Skilled to Advance your Career in Event Planning.

1. Management Tools

The first thing that you should do is to explore your options of minimizing your stress, efforts, and time by researching about some tools that can help you save your time and energy. Whether you are selecting a venue, creating floor plans, venue visuals, streamlining registration or booking caterers for your event, you should know how to use online software and apps to plan, manage, streamline, and analyze the functioning of your event. There are free software and apps that you can use to centralize your event planning. 

2. Detailed Schedule

You should consider every small detail of your event of great importance. Prepare a highly detailed schedule for your event with proper breaks and remember to run a parallel cross-check of your event with the clients or vendors. 

3. Train Your Team

Your team is the backbone of your event. They will help you achieve your goals and make the event a grand success. You should know the abilities of your team members before you assign any work to them. You can train them during your smaller events. 

4. Last-Minute Changes, and Rules

It is not easy to make any changes at the last moment, it either breaks the monotony of the event and disturbs the processor takes your event above par. So, to ensure minimizing the risk of getting last-minute changes wrong, create a set of rules for last-minute changes in your contract. It must include rules for what happens when you intend to choose to make any changes before a week, two days, or at the last hour. Make sure you get this in writing and get it signed. 

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5. Remainder and Deadlines

Most of the people are careless and do not give a damn about your efforts. Since it is your event, you should make sure everything is running smooth and steady. Set deadlines and send reminders to your team, vendors, and sponsors to help them remind of their role or duties. Use out of the box ideas to send reminders. You can use memes to send out the message.

6. Communication with attendees

Set the brand tone and brand voice of your event and use chatbots to establish it, provide customer assistance, and gather data on your audience through polls and surveys. It will help you to keep track of the attendees of your event and their expectations. 

7. Training Videos

Create some training videos themed on your event and share them with your staff days before leading up to the event. These informative borne videos will prep them for the big day. 

8. Social Media

Whether you want to promote your brand or inform the audience about the event, you must use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to do so. Use your ideal hashtag and inspire your followers to share and repost your post or pitch. It will help you get more following, brand promotion, information, and interaction, or increase the number of attendees at the event. Use tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule your posts and sharing the same post on various platforms from a single dashboard. 

9. Stay in Touch

Your team is there for a reason, use their abilities and keep them engaged with the work. Be open to suggestions and keep a proper communication process between yourself and your team. 

10. Workflow Overhaul

Every day you learn something new, and it is important to keep track of your day, what you do and what you could not accomplish, renovating and reorganizing your workflow helps you to make fruitful conclusions. Like having meetings, their time duration, and so on.

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