Things to Keep in Mind while Planning an Event


Things to Keep in Mind while Planning an Event


You might or might not have planned an event, but you know that it’s not a piece of cake. And if you are looking for some pointers that one has to keep in mind while planning events, you have come to the right place!

Well, to be honest, Event Planning is not in any way a short or a simple process, but we have got you covered. We have broken down this complex process into 3 major parts, these are,

1. Pre-Event

2. Event Day

3. Post-Event

In this, Pre-Event Planning includes all the Planning that has to be done before the day of the event. Event day planning refers to the things one has to take care of the day of the event. And then comes the last and the least fun part, Post-Event planning.

All the planning has to take place before the event, however, Event Day and Post Event have a bunch of tasks a person has to see through.

We can start with Pre-Event planning, and most of the planning falls into this section.

While planning an event some of the most crucial things to understand are Schedules, Objectives, Deadlines, and Budget. And once that’s done the person has to look for the manpower that gonna work for the fluent working of the event. And the budget might seem a small thing but half the time budget becomes the biggest concern. Hence the planner has to acknowledge overspends and should minimize costs.

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Then the next most crucial thing is to decide a venue. And as an event planner, you have to see the venue with foresight, so that you’ll be able to figure out how the event will go down at the Venue.

And according to the event's requirement look for the availability of speakers, guests or performers. And relating to budget the person also has to look for sponsors so that the budget burden can be decreased. And after this, the planner also has to book and check the audio and video equipment if they are working the way they are desired or not.

Then after this comes the Day of The Event.

And the first thing to do is check if all the planning is done so far still holds up or not. If not, find a solution. One also has to take care of the meeting and picking up the Speakers or Performers. And one of the most important things to do is take care of the catering. See if everything is up to speed.

 And if this goes smoothly then comes the Post Event Tasks

one should always opt for feedback for the scope of improvement in the future. And the major task one has after the event is the teardown of the venue. The venue has to be cleared of all the belongings and decorations. The place has to be cleared as one found it.

Hence event planning is a hectic task even if a small task is getting delayed. But if you have some idea of what you are doing and with the help of these pointers above you’ll be good to go. And if you think that you can be a great Event Manager, then you should definitely enrol with our Event Management Course. It helps student pick up practical as well as theoretical knowledge for the industry. 

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