The Realities Of Being A Wedding Planner

If you are a wedding enthusiast and want to break into the industry then you must know a few things. The industry might look like all glam and glitz from outside but in reality, there’s so much more in terms of hustle that only those with strong spirit can survive the so-called ‘pressure’ in the long run. So if you want to enter the industry as a wedding planner, there are a few things that you need to know.

These realities of being a wedding planner will help you be better prepared for the wedding industry. 

1. It’s not a one day job where you create a plan for the wedding and order a bunch of people to execute the tasks for you. Being a wedding planner, you have to get on the ground level to make sure everything goes as planned. It is about ensuring with the vendors and the suppliers that the bookings are made and everyone will be available during the wedding. And it is doing all that while remaining under the client’s budget. 

2. There will be times when the couple might take the steam off on you. Their frustration might come out on you on a day that is already going bad for you. But being a wedding planner, you need to give your client the pass and understand from their end. Your job is to deal with such emotional outbursts with patience and calm. And you can even try to ease their stress by communicating and reassuring them that everything will go according to the plan. 

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3. It is not a one day job and neither a week job. Weddings can sometimes go for more than a week. And the planning can get started a month ahead of that. So you need to be prepared for working odd hours in order to make the wedding a success. This may include fulfilling your job role and making everything available for the wedding. Also, making sure that everything is going as expected by the client. So, you must be ready to lose sleep here and there. 

4. Everything is going according to plan, the vendors will be there and the venue is set up, now you can relax for some time. No! It’s not how a wedding planner’s job is done. Being the planner, you need to be the one to arrive early at the venue and leave last. This helps un having control over everything so that nothing goes wrong. While doing all that, you are required to look sharp. 

5. Last but not the least, Be prep\ared to handle the pressure. You might be working on more than one wedding at a time. This can build up stress and pressure. So make sure that you handle it well rather than mixing things up (the possibility of which are really high when you are not made for it). 

There’s a lot more to wedding planning than meets the eye. If you are thinking of becoming a wedding planner, you must keep these things in mind. Even though it sounds intimidating, wedding planning is the most exciting job and it is very rewarding. 

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