The Technology Which Can Make Events Possible In Outbreak.

The Technology Which Can Make Events Possible In covid 19 Outbreak
Amid the current situation where the entire humanity is under lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, people are starting to wonder “when things will go back to normal again?”

Maybe it will miraculously go away and things will go back to normal or we will have to make do with a new normal. Well, whatever the situation may have presented us, the event industry has undeniably taken a huge hit. The event professionals are wondering how to make the next move and bring people together and prepare for a potential re-opening of venues.

Well, believe it or not, technology is out there making a difference in the event industry and it is something to look out for if you want to make events possible amind the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Here’s what to look out for. 


Technology that supports the event industry

Now let’s imagine a scenario where the permits are somehow given to the event professionals, how will they execute an event with a small group of people? Well, the answer might be in some of the techs given below. 


1. Geofencing and GPS tracking
This is one of those techs that allow a small group of people to gather in the same place without coming in close proximity to each other. If something like that happens, the event app would warn you against it using the GPS in phones or in bracelets.  

GPS tracking


2. Thermal Scanners
This is something that you might already be aware of. These kinds of scanners trigger an alert when a person with a temperature of over 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit tries to enter the venue. This can give a heads up to the authorities about who might be showing the symptoms of coronavirus. 

Thermal Scanners

3. Purifiers
According to a report, Brussel’s Expo became COVID-19 proof for the exhibition. This can give the event industry a way out to organize events while keeping the venue safe. It’s actually through the use of purifiers that use a technology similar to UVC lamps in order to make the environment virus-free.
UVC lamps

4. Engagement apps
Since social distancing has become the priority for all countries and is being imposed right now, the events are managing to exist in the online world. Now, the situation of live events can improve through engagement apps where the attendees won’t feel isolated and can interact better than before through video calls,s live chats, etc. This will help in maintaining a safe distance and also helps the event professionals in organizing events that have already started to happen around the world. 

Engagement apps


Some of the technologies mentioned here are a hypothetical way of dealing with this outbreak and running the event industry smoothly as it once did. They are beautifully framed by the event manager blog to help in giving the idea of how one can deal with the challenges. Even though this outbreak has disrupted our lives and the damage looks unrepairable. But like everything, it is also temporary and we will find a way to resume our lives by finding a practical solution to dealing with this pandemic. If you want to know more about online events, you can contact the Wedding Management Institute. We’d be happy to get you certified with our Event Management Course.

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