3 Simple Stress Management Tips Every Wedding Planner Should Consider

stress management tips for wedding planner

Planning an event is an incredibly exciting task that requires both mental and physical strength. With so many tasks to juggle, suppliers to coordinate and guests to manage, the pressure of organizing and planning such a huge celebration is enough to make even the chillest planners feel like a nervous wreck. It’s important to acknowledge your feelings throughout the wedding planning process. Ignoring your own physical and mental well-being can hamper your health and ultimately your work. To burst that tired, drained and exhausted feeling, here are 3 Simple Stress management Tips for Wedding Planner that can be immensely helpful for you:

1. Delegate. Delegate and Delegate!

stress management tips

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We understand that every planner wants his/her event to be a grand success and should not face any short-lived faults whatsoever. This is where the tasks become burdensome. As you wish to do everything so perfectly, you end up taking all the responsibility on yourself. But remember just as where there is unity there is strength, together everyone achieves more. If you're overloaded, don’t be hesitant in reaching out to your colleagues or hiring an assistant or Event Management Intern for the jobs that do not need your expertise. 

2. Prioritise Self-care

stress management tips for event planner

Lack of self-care can quickly lead to stress and anxiety. It’s really important for you to put some time aside throughout the event to focus on yourself. Take short breaks between different tasks. These could be snack breaks, breathing exercises or something as simple as keeping yourself hydrated can help you tremendously. Set up a deadline for yourself and post that don’t take any work related calls or emails. Instead of dealing with ongoing texts, emails and phone calls from customers, simply lay out all of the need-to-know details in a wedding website for them to refer to directly. There are also Best Free Tools To Use For Wedding Planners In 2021

3. Eat Well

stress management tips for wedding managers

Organizing events can take a toll on your eating habits. If you do not keep a track on your timings, you might end up disturbing the meal plans/eating routines. Follow a disciplined timeline without any excuses. Avoid eating junk food as much you can. Fast food could be a very tempting and easily available option during an event, but carrying something homemade will ultimately help you maintain your health for a smoother functioning of work. Focus on the taste of the food, texture and how it feels. 

Finally, the very best tip we can give you. Remember your why! At the end of the day, events aren't really everything. You’re working to lead a healthy life, thus you should not fail to provide comfort to your body. Your body supports you in everything and hence it is your job to take good care of it. As it is rightly said by Josiah Gilbert Holland- “Calmness is the cradle of power”. These simple yet effective changes can have a tremendous impact in reducing your stress levels. Try them out today and see the change in energy level for yourself. 

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