Reinvent Interest in Online Event Canceled due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Recently, amid the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, chaos has erupted around the world. The virus, that allegedly started from one nation, has now spread across 120+ countries according to the recent
Aljazeera report. 

The worldwide impact can be easily measured as it has not only disturbed the daily routine, travel and eating habits of humans but it has also had a huge impact on the business of organizations conducting events. The outbreak is wreaking havoc on industry conferences and business travels. There is a huge list of events that have been canceled due to COVID-19. 
Since there are so many restrictions being imposed on traveling and visas getting canceled, organizations around the world are finding it hard to execute events. It is not just unadvisable but also straight out irresponsible to gather in masses for events when such an outbreak is happening. But luckily due to technological advancements, there exists an option of online/virtual events. 


Online Events and Their Significance - 

Online events have always proven to be a profitable and successful affair. Rather than inviting masses to a particular location, it is better to connect with them virtually. Here are a few reasons why you should consider reinventing your interest in Online Events.


1. Good for Reach - 

The best part about organizing online events is that you can stream it on social media platforms and get people to join who can’t make it to the event. So, if you are finding it hard to organize an event due to coronavirus outbreak, you can always do it online. 


2. Your Content Lives Longer - 

Another advantage of online events is that it can available for the audience even after the event is over. The relevance of your content doesn’t change as the content gets saved on online platforms. The shelf life increases and you can engage more audiences with the content. 


3. Online Event > Cancelled Event

One of the things that one tries to avoid is the cancellation of an event because it can lead to the loss of revenue, or trouble with the attendees and staff. 
Online events are one of the best ways to get closure to your target audience and allow you to be more creative in terms of audience engagement.


Reinventing Interest in Online Events Canceled Due to Coronavirus -

There are multiple measures one can take to prevent Coronavirus like maintaining proper hygiene, avoiding crowded places, using hand sanitizer and avoid touching face, nose or mouth. Now, a typical event is getting canceled to avoid further outbreak but organizing virtual events can resolve those problems while preventing revenue loss and keeping the audience engaged. 

There are different kinds of Online events that one can look out for while targeting a wide audience on the Internet. 

1. Live Streaming

This is one of the most common types of online events. A live stream is a great way to engage with an online audience without having to worry about coronavirus. Moreover, live streams can be shared with friends giving wider coverage. 

2. Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are other great examples of Virtual events. If it’s supposed to be a small gathering or a meeting surrounding a purpose and goal then one can organize a virtual meeting. 

There are many other ways like Online Networking, Live Polling, etc that you can incorporate. 


When it comes to Online Events, the key is to keep the audience engaged. With that in mind, you can safely work towards any upcoming events. Virtual events are going to become more and more common in the coming days keeping the current scenario in mind. There are several benefits that come with such events. We, at Wedding Management Institue, are well-equipped to handle Online events. If you want to learn something about it or want to know how to organize an event during the COVID-19 outbreak, contact us. 

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