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Wedding and Event Planning Certification

What makes you that you will get the job after Wedding and Event Planning Certification?

Is it your experience or expertise? No, the most upfront question that you will face while emphasizing that you are an event planner is whether you are certified?

What makes you sell your work and your service is your authentication in that particular field. If you are a certified event planner, people will trust you. They will be convinced that they are handing over the job to a certified expert who knows the industry and the work. 

Event Planning is a diverse field and getting to a good position in this field may not be the easiest thing to do. This field may look very entertaining and fun from a distance but the fact is that it requires you to work really hard. Even at wedding planning, there is a lot of competition involved. You will find a lot of people working for very basic pay and little exposure. So what if there is a way that can provide you with good exposure without actually working? Yes, there is a way to achieve this. You can enroll yourself in a good event management institute. They offer a lot of courses which can help you start your career. For example, the certificate you will get after the course is completed can help you get a good job.

Eligibility for Wedding and Event Planning Certification - 

If you want to go for a proper certification in event planning there is eligibility criterion. Now, this criterion may depend from institution to institution providing a Wedding and Event Planning Certification but the common eligibility criterion is that you have to have a 10+2 certificate or bachelor’s/master’s degree. If you have experience in planning events before then the road to event planning becomes much smoother.

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Certificate in event planning

Purpose of Certificate in Event Planning -

A lot of people ask about the purpose of event planning certification. And they are right for asking that because before there was no concept of such kind of certification. Professionals used to take up events because they had an experience of organizing, planning, and executing. 

So, where did it come from? Why is everyone going for Wedding and event planning certification they can just volunteer for a few events and start their career? Well, for your information, it does not work like that anymore. 

The art of event planning has changed over the years and now certification is not just a piece of paper that will get you a job but it also ensures that you can have a career in planning no matter where you are in life. 

It is true that certification will only get you so far that you can start with taking up events and it’s the skills that will help you in actually growing and kickstarting your career. The sole purpose of event planning certification is to make you an independent event planner who can, with the help of required skills, become big in the event industry. 

If you are still unsure about going for a wedding and event planning certification then there is a little bit of debate for you. 

Let’s imagine there is a big brand that wants to take the help of an event planner to successfully execute its event. On one hand, there is an event planning company owned by a professional with proper certification that has been running for years, and on the other hand, there are a bunch of individuals who have experience in planning events but no certification. Who wins the job? Well, we’ll leave that for you to decide. 

This is the purpose of wedding and event planning certification. They are many more which are stated below.

1. Authentication -

The first thing you will have is the testimony of your expertise that you are well versed and fit for the job. It will help you with the introduction in the market. It is very difficult for an uncertified person to seek work as an event planner. Having a certification in event planning makes your reliable, trustworthy, and authenticated professional.

2. It will give you a Headstart in Your Career -

If you are just starting out and thinking to enroll yourself in an event planner institute you are on the right path. The whole point is to get started. Be it event planning or any other event planning, there is a lot of competition involved. It is very important to play your cards right. If you don’t know where to start from just get yourself enrolled in a good event planner or Wedding Planner Institute. It will be a great headstart in your career. You will study with like-minded people.  Also, it can be really valuable to know what you are getting into. When you will start finding a full-time job you will already know a lot about the event management industry. It will give you an edge and make you more confident. Also, one of the purposes of event planning certification is to get a job easily. It is possible that the company you apply to are looking for a person who did a certificate course or diploma in event planning. It will definitely give you a headstart in your career.

3. You can get some Real Advice -

Many good event planner institutes arrange workshops and seminars for their students. In many cases, they may call working industry professionals to take some lectures and give some real-life advice. This can be really valuable as not everything can be found on the internet. They can tell you about the mistakes they did while they were just starting out. You can learn from their experience. This will also give you a gist about what it is like to work in this industry.

4. Your Basics will get Clear -

Suppose you start volunteering or interning before learning about your field, what will happen? It is important to understand that there is a lot of competition in this field. Initially, people are ready to work for free. So you always have to think about what makes you different? Or what is it that will help you to start? If you think you are ready to start working professionally in this field you should think about pursuing a course in event management. Many institutes offer certificate courses and you can also opt for a diploma in event management or advanced diploma in the same. Just check the syllabus of these courses and you will get an idea about what you will be studying. All in all the purpose of Event Management Certification is to get started and get your basics right.

5. Promising Career Opportunities -

If you get yourself enrolled in a good event planner institute they will also help you get jobs after you are done with the wedding planner course. They will make sure that you get on-field experience as it is very important in this field. It is very important to get practical knowledge as it will give you a proper idea about how things work. You will be needed to work under a lot of pressure so it is very important that you know if you will be able to manage it or not. The institute you will join will help you in sending out your resumes to different companies. Also, some good institutes are in collaboration with big companies so you can get a job or internship with the help of your institute. 

So, if you see potential in this field and you want to join it as soon as possible. Just opt for a certificate course and start with an internship. This will help you get a lot of exposure and experience in this field.

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6. All About Events -

Another most important thing to have an event planning certification in event planning is that it will teach you all the important things about events. From the different genres to planning and execution of the events. An event planning certification will teach you how to: 

- Outline and Plan an event

- Design an Event

- Take decisions

- Orchestrate 

- Execute successfully and,

- Keep track of Events

7. Self-employed -

The most important about this event planning certification is that you are your own boss. You do not have to be confined to the company's rules and regulations or caged by your supervisors, you are free to make decisions, free to make everything your way, free to think out of the box and implement your creativity as much as you want. This will help you in believing in yourself rather than building castles in the air.

Conclusion -

In conclusion, the sole purpose of event planning certification is to make sure that you get the required exposure to the event industry and that you can become independent rather than relying on somebody to teach you the basics of events. A certification basically gives you a green card to a career where you can become an event planner and make it big in the business. 

And if you are looking to get officially certified for Events and Wedding Management, then the best way for you to do that is by enrolling for our Event Management Course.

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