We at WMI are proud of having provided 100% Internships to all our students so far.

We at WMI believe that learning on the job is the best way to learn because it broadens your knowledge, allows you to think "on your feet," and prepares you for an exciting career ahead. Our students have gained practical experience in all top wedding locations in India, including Heritage Forts, Royal Palaces, Luxurious Beach Resorts, 5 Star Properties, and some of the Largest Wedding Pandals

Such spectacular track record of Internships at WMI is possible because of our very strong relationships with the Indian wedding industry, thanks to Mr. Varun Dua's strong PR skills, having spent nearly 15 years in the Industry now, he's a renowned name all across India and Overseas.

Career Opportunity

Weddings in India are celebrated bigger than festivals. The wedding business in India, is worth $40 billion, and is growing massively every year. WMI would help young entrepreneurs to craft their own businesses and even the working class to make a career shift in pursuit of their passion. The notoriously unorganized wedding industry in India could well be on the way to getting more organized, with these ready professionals. The impact and benefit of this would be bilateral. Being Wedding Planner for years, we understand how difficult it is for Wedding Planning Companies to find professionals with right set of skills and knowledge. This definitely is going to help us scale the standards up, of the wedding industry as a whole. A start to such specialized education is also going to serve as platform for like-minded people from associated industries to come across, interact, and engage to make this industry bigger. With such promising future ahead for this industry, the demand for qualified professional will always rise. Becoming a part of this industry will lead to a progressive and promising career.

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