How Wedding Management Institute responds to the New Education Policy 2020

 New Education Policy 2020

Finally, a new education policy after 34 years!

The new education policy 2020 is a fresh wave of ideas and finally adapting the educational sector as per the needs of the 21st Century. 

This new policy incorporates the much-awaited changes in our education system and surprisingly enough it opens the door for young minds to learn vocational subjects. 

We at WMI stand in favor of the government’s decision to introduce vocational subjects to the students from an early age, shaping their minds into creative and technical fields in alignment with the evolving world. We believe that it was much needed to be introduced in order to shift the focus from the mainstream subjects and provide a wider horizon of opportunities for the upcoming generations. Also, not limiting the initiative to theoretical knowledge, the opportunities for internships in vocational fields are open to all students from grades 6-12. It is one of the major changes to the education policy that existed prior to NEP-2020. 

The then Ministry of Education, now known as the Ministry of Human Resource Development has also taken some concrete decision to ensure experiential learning in all stages, and the introduction to “bagless days” at school is one of them. These bagless days will become the prime opportunity for the students to meet their favorite artisans and explore different avenues of services at a very young age. Though the bagless days are limited to 10 every year, we hope it will increase with time to 3-4 days a month. 

The reduction of curriculum content will become a major boost for students to focus on building various skill sets and explore career options beforehand. Along with the reduction of the curriculum, we believe that updating the NCERT curriculum is needed and is of great importance. From now onwards it will be implemented right from the age of 3 years and we cannot afford to provide our next-gen students with age-old syllabus and curriculum that NCERT is currently offering to the higher classes.

The decision to shift the rote learning-based educational system to experiential learning with the integration of vocational subjects, arts, and the sports-based pedagogical structure was much awaited. 

Another big change that has been made to the New Education Policy 2020 in terms of funds allocation is that education will now get 7% of the GDP, not 1.7%.

We are excited to see the dynamics of the education sector changing and upgrading for the betterment of the students of our country.

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