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It doesn't matter how much experience you have in the field or how great you are at planning events, you can always find yourself in unprecedented situations where crisis management is the only option you have. Every experienced event planner knows that he/she always needs to be ready to face uncanny situations. And if you are someone who is new to the field and want to make sure that all your events go smoothly, then here are a bunch of disasters that you can come across while planning your events and how you can overcome these situations.

How To Deal With The Most Common Event Planning Disasters?

As India's leading event planning school, we at WMI are well-versed in planning and managing events. And we are here to tell you that even some of the most flawless event planning is not immune to the disasters that we talked about earlier. And since we have a few pointers that can prove to be quite useful to you, we have not only brought you some of the common event planning disasters but also how you can avert them.

1. People Don't Turn Up

What You Need To Do: In case you didn't go all out in marketing your event, this is very much a possibility. And this can also happen if your event is free to attend, as people can ditch going to the event even at the slightest inconvenience. However, you can still manage to save it by going for last-minute online promotions. And if it is a paid event and you still haven't received any bookings, then consider lowering the ticket prices. 

2. The Key Speaker Is Late Or Couldn't Make It

What You Need To Do: In case your key speaker is late, engage your audience in interactive sessions and Q&As. But if your speaker is not able to make it, then be transparent about it and tell your audience so that you do not waste much of their time. It is better to come clean, rather than losing your credibility.

3. You Face A Tech Issue At Your Virtual Event

What You Need To Do: First and foremost, make sure that you have checked everything before the event starts, this way you have time to make the required changes, if there are any. But since technical glitches are always a possibility, you need to have backup equipment to avert the awkward situations, no matter if you have a virtual event or a physical one. You should also know Tech Options When It Comes to Online Events.

4. A Lot Of People Turn Up

What You Need To Do: If you have been monitoring ticket sales, then this is hardly possible. However, you always need to keep such a situation in mind and how you will be able to get through it. For example, most of it comes down to sitting and catering. Hence you need to be prepared beforehand for this.

5. Lockdown Takes Place Just The Day Before Your Event

What You Need To Do: In these unpredictable times, this is the last but also the most possible scenario for event planners nowadays. And in a situation like this, there is no other way to either cancel or postpone the event. However, make sure that you have a solid COVID-19 risk management strategy. And the most important step to take here is to inform your audience.

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These were some of the most occurring event planning disasters, and we hope our solutions help you navigate through them. And if you are someone who is planning to be a permanent part of the event management industry, then we here at the Wedding Management Institute can help you not only get certified but also be prepared for everything a career in this field might have for you. So check out some of the top wedding management courses in India, and feel free to reach out to us. And if you like reading this article, then we publish similar content every week right here.

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