Launch your Dream Career in just 10 Weeks!


The Indian Economy is going through a tragic downturn, resulting in job cuts, unrest and uncertainty amongst the youth. The latest report of RBI confirms that’s the GDP growth of the economy has slipped to 5%, the lowest in over 6 years.

However, there is one industry which is still blooming rapidly and has registered a growth of over 20% in spite of the Indian Economy having hit such rough Patch. It’s the Indian Weddings Industry.

This recession-proof industry, however, is starving for professionals who are educated enough to make it a more organized and are skilled enough to make it even bigger.

Wedding Management Institute has gladly bridged the gap between them. After a fabulous response on their Diploma Courses, Wedding Management Institute (WMI) has introduced short-term specialized Certificate Courses for all those who have a knack of design, an eye for detail and love working to adorn celebrations. 

WMI will impart enough skills and knowledge to its students in just 10 Weeks through its “Certificate course in Wedding Design”, to make them able to gain earning abilities in such a short span. Varun Dua, the founder of WMI, explains that this course is designed on the concept of experiential learning. “We want to impart only a set of crisp and unique education which may help individuals having a decent sense of design, kick off a career in Wedding Industry. This course equips learners to produce, fabricate components and raw materials to bring weddings into being”.

This Certificate course is designed with a mix of classroom and onsite training methods which helps individuals gain knowledge as well as techniques to implement them on site. This makes them ready for the job as soon as they finish the course.

Wedding Management Institute is the only institute of its kind, which is run by people who have been the part of this industry for over 13 years now. Who better to impart knowledge and skills than a person who has done it himself, and excelled in it too?

Wouldn’t it be really fulfilling to see your dream designs coming to reality? To make this happen, WMI has launched a short-term specialized course in Wedding Design and Event Production. These two courses are tailor-made for all those who have a knack of design, an eye for detail and love working on adorning celebrations.  

Why Just 10 weeks?

WMI’s Certificate Event Management Course assures individuals to start working in less than 3 months with a specialized skill into the design. The curriculum is speciated to design and production, only. Having a bi-module course only makes it simpler for an individual, to gain specialization. These 10 weeks courses comprise of 8 weeks of classroom training and 2 weeks of internship at the biggest weddings in India.

Haven’t heard of this as a career, have doubts about career security?

The hidden logic behind this career is the Law of Supply, with a very meagre number of professionals, the demand for professionals in this industry is at its peak right now. Having innumerable prospects in a country like India which gives utmost importance to its culture, weddings are only going to get bigger and richer.

Career Paths and growth?

An individual can choose various career paths ranging from being a Wedding Designer, Floral Designer, Wedding Stylist, Space designer and many more. The wedding business in India is worth $40 billion and is exponentially growing at 20% every year.

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