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Due to the current social restrictions, it has now become almost impossible to hold actual physical meetings or conferences, no matter how important its objective is. But since online meetings were the only resort, the tech industry caught up quite quickly to give us some of the best tech options for conducting online events which can be used to discuss an assignment with the co-workers or even plan an entire convention. 

But since we now have a lot of tools for it. it might get confusing for someone to know what he/she needs and then choosing the right tool from that category. 

And if you are someone who is looking to organise a lot of online events and conferences, then we here at Wedding Management Institute can help you understand all the different tools that you can use for the same.

Here Are Your Tech Options You Can Choose From To Host An Online Event

Given below are a category of products and platforms that will help you understand all the tools and their functionality. With this, not only you'll know what kind of tools you want, but you'll also know which tool is used for which purpose. 

1. A Social Media Platform Or A Website

We're pretty sure you understand how you can use a social media platform or a website for this. Every major online event needs to have a home where a potential attendee can come and know everything about it. And the process is much more seamless if you have a website.

2. An Email Marketing Tool

With awareness, there is no audience. And without an audience, there is no event. Hence you need to do your best to spread awareness about your event. And the best way to do that is by sending emails. And for that, you'll be needing an email marketing tool.

3. A Registration Platform

This registration platform works as an RSVP and keeps track of all the people who have enrolled to be at the event. These platforms help you understand the magnitude of people that will be attending the wedding.

4. The Main Webinar Hosting Platform

This is the main app that will allow you to stream or hold the actual event. Without this tool, there is surely no event. You must also know How To Deal With The Most Common Event Planning Disasters?

5. Tools For Polling, Quizzes & Feedback

With this tool, you can send people polls and quizzes to make things a lot more interactive and fun. Not only that, but you can also use it to collect feedback. Also WMI has jot down some Top Tips for Hosting a Successful Virtual Event

Hence there are plenty of tech options for conducting  that you can make when it comes to organising a virtual event. Also there are 5 Best Virtual Event Platforms which you can use to make your event successful. And if you are someone who feels passionate about planning and managing events, then we here at The Wedding Management Institute might have some brilliant online courses for you. We are one of India's top wedding management schools and we can get you certified to get you a headstart of the career of your dreams. So if you are looking to make a career out of event planning then reach out to us with all your questions and queries. And don't forget to read more of our blogs.

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