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Since most offices remain closed due to the second wave of COVID-19, everyone is looking for different ways to seamlessly communicate with their team as even though working from home is the best option we have at the moment, it can make us feel a little disconnected from our teammates. But not to worry as we here at Wedding Management Institute are here with another article to help you understand how you can stay connected with your colleagues even during these "WFH" times.

5 To Ways Keep A Seamless Communication With Your WFH Team

Given below are some of the best tips and tricks you can try to always stay connected with your team. And here is everything you need to know about making the communication within your team more effortless.

1. Choose The Right Communication Tool

For any project or even day to day workings, a team needs a primary tool to quickly communicate with each other. However, there is no particular tool that is perfect for it but to find one, you have to talk to your team to understand which tool will work best for you. And no! It can't email as emails can show down your communication. For example, WhatsApp Web is a tool that can prove to be great for quick communication and even file sharing. If you don’t want to take your conversions to WhatsApp, you can always turn to Google Hangouts. 

2. Frequently Interact With The Employees

Times are tough on everyone, so make sure that you frequently talk to your teammates and see to it that not only you, but they too have the right motivation. 

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3. Connect With Your Team Via Video Chats

When you are working on the same projects, connect through video calls, share your screens as it is much more effective and efficient rather than just calling one another. Use Zoom or Google Meets for an enriching experience. 

4. Encourage Knowledge Sharing

Forward every message that you feel may benefit your teammates in any way. We all learn new things while working from home. So, make sure that you tell others about what you have learnt.

5. Everyone Should Have Defined Goals

Once everyone in your team has a defined goal that they need to achieve by the end of the day, then every other thing can sort itself out. Your team's communication will be a lot more fluent when they know what each and every one of them is working on.

Hence these were a few tricks to stop the pandemic from getting into the way of your team's work. And if you liked reading this article, then you should definitely check out more of our blogs. We publish such content every week so subscribe to all our social media handles to never miss out on any of our activities. Also enroll in the Best Event Management Course with WMI and Obtain Event Management Degree.

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