Jobs, Salaries and Career in the Wedding Industry

career in wedding industry

There are many careers to be pursued in the wedding industry. In the following article we’ll be discussing each career in detail.

1. Wedding planner

jobs in wedding industry

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The job of a wedding planner is to plan and organize a wedding. They are in charge of everything that is needed in a wedding. Drinks, food, decor, guest accommodation and entertainment, everything is taken care of by the wedding planner. Their key task is to mediate amongst different people performing various roles and make sure things are happening in the right order. They also have to be mindful of the client's approval at every juncture, and if the client does not approve of something, they have to look for alternatives that would match the client's wish. The average income of a wedding planner in India is around ₹350,000/ year.

2. Caterer

salary in wedding industry

The caterer is responsible for the food and beverages served during the wedding ceremonies. Deciding the menu in accordance with the clients, preparing the food, serving the food while also taking care of its presentation, are all responsibilities of the caterer. The average income of a caterer varies from Rs.14,000 – 80,000 per month.

3. Make-up artist

job in wedding industry

A make-up artist is in charge of the bride’s/ groom’s makeup. He/she is expected to come prepared with all the make- up products such as lipsticks, foundation, fake eyelashes, blush, etc. Depending on the number of orders, a make- up artist can earn around 400,000 Rupees per year. 

4. Hairstylist

career in wedding industry

While a make-up artist is responsible to give a face makeover, the hairstylist styles the hair and matches it with appropriate draping. A hairstylist has to be extremely cautious since he’ll be dealing with equipment such as straightener and curler. A hairstylist should also be quick in his/her task, because unless the bride is ready, the career cannot start. Hairstylist's earn an average of 300,000 Rupees per year.

5. Photographers

jobs in wedding indusstry

A photographer is accountable for capturing the essence of the wedding in his camera. It is through his pictures, that the wedding is forever going to be alive with the clients and hence, he performs a very important role in the wedding day. He has to be on his toes from the start to the end of the ceremony and be ready with his camera whenever he encounters an opportunity for a picture or is called to do so. He would also be expected to be polite and create a comfortable environment so as to get the most genuine and warm smiles. The average income of a photographer is 389,670 Rupees per year. 

6. Choreographer

salary in wedding industry

A choreographer takes care of the dance performances being performed in the wedding. He decides the dance moves for a particular song and trains individuals for it. Choreographers need to be immensely creative and patient. Because some people might be slow at picking up the moves. The average income of a choreographer is 200,000 Rupees per year.

7. DJ

career in wedding industry

A DJ is in charge of playing music and making announcements as per the schedule. They earn an average of 20- 80k per gig.

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