International Trends That Can Be Seen In Indian Weddings

International Trends That Can Be Seen In Indian Weddings

One thing is surely true about us Indians that we know how to celebrate our weddings. From an eventful sangeet ceremony to an engagement and wedding celebration, there’s a lot to see and experience. While Indian weddings usually follow the Indian traditions and the celebration depends on religious and cultural background, it has been this way for some time now. For a long time, all the weddings felt somewhat similar. Different in their celebratory approach but similar when it comes to following rituals or doing things a certain way. 

But now things seem to be changing and changing rapidly. While some may have already started noticing, you must know that there are now a lot of influences in the Indian Wedding culture. One can experience international trends being owned with pride by bride and grooms looking for ways to level up their wedding. 

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For starters, due to heavy exposure to western culture and our own celebrities owning the western style of living, it has influenced the mindset of general people. Now they seem to want more than they did ten years back. Now marriage is not just an event but a getaway to enjoy with people you love the most. It has become an extravagant holiday where we tend to spend more than usual to celebrate the time that comes once in a lifetime. 

Also, when it comes to planning the wedding, there is a surge in demand for wedding planners which was not a thing a decade ago. Brides now look for a fairytale wedding with everything from decor to trousseau should be designed by a professional. 

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Also, there has been a rise in the culture of destination weddings. And we are talking about Internation destinations that are popular among the people in western countries. Call it social media influence or consuming the knowledge one has received, destination weddings are indeed one of the best kinds of weddings out there. Going to a serene place with your close friends and family is a getaway of its own. But whether it is national or international, the meaning of a destination wedding is more about enjoying and having fun at the location rather than just focusing on the marriage and packing bags for home once the event is over. Also Read - What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

There are many other trends that can be seen such as intercaste marriages leading to a variety in the cuisine at the weddings which were not seen before. And also, cinematography is about making a wedding video more engaging and so the use of drones, high-quality cameras and equipment, and a professional photographer/cinematographer. The arrival of these trends has proven rather beneficial to the Indian Wedding Scene as it has made the industry an element of fascination for those who want to get into it. So, if you are thinking of making a career in wedding management then with WMI's Event Management Course you can get the right education and experience from one of the best institutions in the country. We, here at Wedding Management Insitute, provide top learning + experience and help aspiring individuals and turn them into pros of the wedding and event industry.

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