What You Need to Know if You Want to Be an Independent Wedding Planner

Independent Wedding Planner

Being an Independent Wedding Planner does have a ring to it. The career sounds amazing as it involves your creativity and you put all your efforts and energy into building it. Building a career in wedding planning is like building any other business. So in this guide, we have talked about everything you need to know about being an independent wedding planner. 

But before you know how to be a wedding planner, here’s what you should keep in mind while you work your way into the wedding planning industry. 

Things to Know Before Becoming an Independent Wedding Planner

1.What you’ll be doing

Being a wedding planner, you are required to do multiple tasks and bring together professionals such as catering manager, venue manager, DJ, photographer, florist, etc to execute the wedding successfully. 

2.About the working hour

Unlike typical 9-5 jobs, wedding planning doesn’t stop on weekends. You might have to work the entire week because most of the appointments with clients will be on the weekends as that’s when they are free from their jobs. So, you’ll have to be prepared to say goodbye to the lazy days. 

3.No Pay Day

Unlike working for an organization, being an independent wedding planner requires you to pay your own bills and give salary to yourself. There won’t be any payday at the end or start of the month. You will have to work hard to run your business smoothly. 

4.Right Mindset

Being in the wedding planning business requires one to be strong both physically and mentally. The job can be stressful and you might feel helpless at times. It’s the ability of a wedding planner with a strong will and mindset to do the job right and rise above the challenges. 

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How to Become an Independent Wedding Planner?

1. Start with an education

Yes, you need to have formal certification in order to give license and authenticity to your wedding planning business. You can go for professional diploma programs. You can check out diploma programs offered by us at WMI. 

2.Intern or Volunteer at Weddings

In order to get the first-hand experience, you need to work on the field. Usually, when you go for diploma programs, you are provided with real experiences at wedding planning so that you can have an amazing career. 

3. Get License

It is important to get the license for wedding planning is some states or countries. So just to be on the safer side, get a license for yourself. 

4. Find Investors

If it’s a business, you will have to find investors to give a little boost to your business. In order to get funds, you need to have a solid business strategy. 

5. Go Heavy on References

You need to make full use of references and see if you can get other businesses to refer to your business. This is why it is important to make contacts. So, try to expand your network and collaborate with other businesses. 

Now, if you want to be an independent wedding planner, you have to have contacts and learn how to multi-task. You can learn all those skills and including many more with Wedding Management Institue through our Event Management Course. We are among the top places in the country where you can get the learning as well as the experience you need to make it big in the wedding industry. 

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