4 Most Important Roles of Event Planner You Must Know !

Important Roles of Event Planner


Event planners are individuals who are skilled in coordinating and managing all sorts of professional, entertainment, leisure, or recreational events. As long as you have an event planner, you do not have to worry about the event landscape and administration. The event planners are much obliged to keep a check on the smooth running of the event. 

The good news for those anticipating to make a career as an event planner is that the future of event planning looks bright as the event industry is booming like never before. 

Most Important Roles of Event Planner You Must Know

If you are expecting to be one of the top-notch event planners in the industry, then here are some key roles of the future event planners you much know. 

1. Venues 

What adds to your event's grand success is the taste of choosing the best venue that fits your theme and the expectations of your attendees. In order to win new clients, the demand for event venues is ascending with event technology to suffice the need of the audience. Two things every future event planner must keep in mind while choosing a venue are;

> Access to Event Technology

With the increasing need for technologies that persuade audience collaboration and engagement. That is the reason why, most of the venues include event apps, beacon technology (a guiding device), video conferencing and so on in their services. We may expect those tech solutions will continue to be famous in the coming future. 

> Access to Broadband Internet

We all know that access to high-quality internet is a must. To engage, promote and eventually provide the best event experience to your dynamic attendees, it is necessary to have a robust, good quality and stable high-quality internet access. It helps attendees to share the live experience of the event in their social network. 

> LEED-certified venues

With climate change taking the centre stage, the millennials like architects, entrepreneurs, developers, philanthropists, local government officials or residents attending the event aim for the future growth and health of their communities. So, it is important that your venue should manifest its dedication to doing environmental good. 

Most Important Roles of Event Planner You Must Know

2. Analytics

Event Planners keep track of the efficacy of every event they organize, it helps them to analyze the areas where there is room for possible development and improvement. Planners mostly rely on sources like post-event polls and comparative enrollment rates. These numbers are significant since they provide you with detailed reports of the performance of the event based on your expectations.

Now the event planners need to be more strategic and tech-savvy as they will be required to use analytics to find better-performing ads, techniques, and platforms, and to develop key performance indicators for the Return On Investment of those efforts.  

3. Creative and Holistic

Despite taking every social and mental factor into the account, event planners must be very creative and unique in his approach. There is a very tough competition out there for the attendees. If your out of the box ideas will have attendees talking during and after your event, then you are successful in providing the niche people always crave for.

Most Important Roles of Event Planner You Must Know

4. Social Media and Publicity

As 'booming social media' is making a robust impact in the event industry, event planners are expected to provide a detailed report to highlight and publicize the event before and after the completion of the event. Social media drives enormous traffic, which eventually helps the companies to make their presence 'online' even more muscular. Event Planners should be well versed with the Social Media Platforms and should have a critical strategy to engage and attract the audiences. 

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