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Since Virtual Events are the only kind of events you are allowed to hold due to the pandemic, you, as an event planner, need to make sure that you put together the best event with what you had to work with. And since these meetings are the near future of all events, you need to get inspired with ideas and innovations to help your virtual seminars stand out. 

Top 5 Ideas for Your Next Online Event

Being One Of India's Leading Event Management Schools, we at The Wedding Management Institute are here to talk about some of the best ideas that you can use to make your online event an even bigger hit. 

1. Wellbeing Activities

At the time of the worst health crisis like this, it’s quite apparent that many people are struggling with physical and mental wellbeing. Try including some fun activities or some activities like simple workout or meditation - depending on the type of event you’re organising. 

2. Live Games Or Concerts

In order to cheer up your attendees, you need to think out of the box ideas that your participants would love to be involved in. Whether you’re an event company looking for ideas for your next online event or any other company, holding live game sessions or concerts is the great idea to keep up the morale of your employees or those participating. Also Read: How to Maximize Your Audience Engagement For A Virtual Event in 2021

3. Invite An Influential Personality To Speak

You may have a variety of audience in terms of age and professions, but when it comes to some influential people, we’ll tend to love their presence and get inspired by whatever they say. You can invite a famous personality to speak at your event to make your event stand out. This will not only help your attendees with a shot of confidence but eventually help you with the marketing gig. Nonetheless, you don’t have to really invite him/her, it won’t cost you much since you’ll be holding an online event. Also Read a Great Blog on How to Make Sure Your Online Attendees Stay Engaged

4. Wedding Entrepreneurship

If you’re a wedding school or a wedding company, you can alway hold wedding related events like wedding management or wedding planning sessions. This will help you attract not only the wedding planners but the aspiring wedding entrepreneurs as well. This way you can always stay in loop with these aspirants and eventually offer your tools and services to them exclusively. If you’re into any other industry, try incorporating activities that represent what you do such as cooking classes, teaching music instruments, etc. You should also know Importance of Internship In Event Management Course

5. Audio-Only Discussions

Audio-only social events are on rise due to many reasons like people are zoom fatigue or really don’t enjoy sharing personal space on networks that are prone to hacking. The reason why audio-only events are on reise is because attendees can walk and talk, go anywhere or be anywhere or dress as they feel like. People are using Clubhouse and Reddit talk like apps for audio-only discussions. 

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Hence some tips will surely help you build a great virtual event from scratch in these covid times. These were some of the top event ideas that can always help you inspire your next event. And if you are someone who is looking to make a career in event management, then we can offer your India's top wedding management courses

In case you are interested in knowing more about our courses and our teaching methods, please feel free to reach out to us so that our executives can help you by answering every query that you may have. And if you liked this article, then be sure to check out more of our blog right here.

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