7 Ideas for Virtual Event Sponsorship

In the wake of COVID-19, the event industry is swiftly moving its operations online. Even though it is a tough shift and has put many businesses at the brink of loses, it is now considered as an achievable goal. But of all the things, there is one crucial aspect of events. It is

When the event happens in-person where people come from far to attend it, there are hoardings and banners as well as frequent announcements of sponsors which justifies the revenue. Sponsors need promotion and a way to know that their investment is justified. So, how do you do that through an online setting? 

Well, here are 7 ideas you can follow to get virtual event sponsorship.


1. Sell Pop-up Ad Space and Banner 

Since you will be live-streaming the event, you can actually monetize it by selling the banner space along with Pop-up Ad space to the sponsors. Make sure that the platform you are using, allows you to do so. If yes, then you can incorporate branding for sponsors thus generating revenue through your virtual event. 


2. Run Video Ads

Another great idea for your virtual event sponsorship is running video ads during the breaks. Take the example of Youtube. You can add breaks during your live-stream event and run the sponsored ads. You may have to talk to the sponsors about the platform you are using along with the compatibility of the video. But it is something that can be done easily. 


3. Add Sponsor’s logo

In order to do the branding of your sponsor, you can add the logo of your sponsor in places where it gets the maximum attention. For example, you can use it during the intro, or during the QnA session. Also, you can overlay the logo on the bottom of your screen on either side. 


4. Spread the word through social media

You can also use social media to spread the word about sponsorship. You can give them frequent shout-outs until the event and add a section about them in your posts. It will not only help you with brand awareness along with sponsorship. 


5. Let the sponsor take the center stage

You can overcome the drawback of a virtual event (face-to-face interaction) by letting the sponsor and attendees interact. The best way to do that is by organizing activities like games and contests. This can make the attendees interested as well as help with brand awareness. 


6. Create branding environment

Since the event is going to be live-streamed, make sure that you use every opportunity to promote the sponsor’s brand. This can be done by creating an environment that talks about the sponsor itself. For example, using logos on the back of your laptop or on props around you. 


7. Keep the audience engaged

One of the key things to do even when the event is done is to keep your audience engaged with the sponsor. This can be done by including any featured posts, blogs in your monthly newsletters or announcements for upcoming events. 

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