How To Promote Your Virtual Event

promote Virtual Event
In the wake of COVID-19, the event industry has changed its way of bringing people together. Now, businesses are using the online route to conduct events. These virtual events are a new way for businesses to reach their global audience with people coming in from all corners of the world. 

But just because it is online, doesn’t mean everyone will be a part of it. Hosting Virtual Events come with their own challenges like promotions, and virtual hostings, etc. The biggest one is the promotion part where you have to compel the people to become a part of your event. So here are some of the strategies that you can use to promote your virtual events. 

Strategies to promote your virtual event

The event info page

Create an engaging page where the target audience can learn bout your event. Websites like can be used for such purposes where you can make attention-grabbing banners and graphics to keep people engaged throughout. Keep it short while so that the audience does not get deflected. For higher engagement, you can add videos also.  There are some things that must be on your event info page. 

1) Sig-up link

2) Secure payment option

3) Purpose

4) Sponsor info (if any)

5) Time and date of the event

6) Special guests (if any)


Put efforts on email marketing:
Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep your customers posted about your business. By strategically planning emails, you can tell your potential customers about your upcoming events and make them a part of them. Use eye-catchy graphics and a strong subject line along with an even stronger call-to-action button. 

Spreading the word:
One of the keys to promoting your virtual event is spreading the word. If you have any special quest coming in who is a big name in his/her industry, you can ask them to spread the word of your event. This way, you will be able to target a wider range of audiences without having to spend on advertising. Same way, you can ask the sponsors and the partners to inform their contacts about the event. And lastly, don’t shy away from asking your friends or family to do the same for you. 


Write blogs and promote:
Have decent copywriting skills? Well, put them to use by writing a blog about the event and posting it across your channels. Talk about the highlights of your upcoming event and about all the exciting things that might interest your target audience. Once written, you can promote your blog through social media, emails, influencers, partners, etc. 


Extra Efforts:
One thing is very important when it comes to promoting your virtual events. It is consistent. You need to be consistent with your approach and try out different strategies to engage the attendees as well as your potential audience. You can offer a giveaway at the end of the event. Or you just create a hashtag around the event and post relevant content on social media using the hashtag and also, put a count-down timer on your website before the event.

Mentioned above were a few of many practices that you can undertake to promote your virtual event. If you want to know more about planning virtual events or how to promote them then you can get in touch with us, at Wedding Management Institue (WMI). 

WMI equips its learners with education in the wedding field along with the important knowledge about the event industry for their overall development with their Event Management Course that further helps them build a career in event management. So, if you want to learn anything about virtual events, contact us.