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Budget and destination in the same sentence. Surprising, isn’t it? But what if I tell you that it’s possible! You can have your dream destination wedding planner and at the same time maintain your wedding budget. All you’ll have to do is work smarter and with the magic of a few hacks that we’ll demonstrate below, your dream wedding will come true. 

Do not be tempted by what’s not necessary.

budget destination wedding, budget destination wedding

A destination wedding is all about the venue and hence, since you’ll already be spending a big chunk of money there, everything else should be kept simple and at its minimal. There might be a thousand things you'd want to have at and for your wedding, but as the rule of life goes “you cannot have everything, all at the same time". So if you choose to spend money on having a destination wedding, then your budget for everything else should be kept at its least.


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Venue is the most important part of planning a destination wedding. And also, the most expensive part of it. But here’s a little hack that might help you. 

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Either choose a popular/hyped location but lesser-known resort or unpopular location but bigger resort. For instance, Rajasthan, Goa, and Uttarakhand are a few of the popular locations for destination weddings. So, if you choose either of these locations, then going for a smaller resort would be ideal for your budget.

Keep it intimate.

how to budget destination wedding

The beauty of a wedding is its guests. Being surrounded by people who truly matter not only makes the wedding more intimate, but it also helps your bank account, big time. You can also check out Best Free Tools To Use For Wedding Planners In 2021.

Keep the decorations simple

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A venue is a beautiful space in itself and hence, it is not necessary to adorn it with unnecessary and superfluous decorations. Few DIY tricks could also be used to give it a special and personalized touch.

Plan early, save big!

how to do destination wedding in budget

Start your reservations at least a year ahead of the wedding. In the case of a destination wedding, being an early bird means everything. The sooner you start looking out for places, the lesser will it cost.

Plan your catering smartly!

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While catering could be a really complex and expensive task, doing it correctly might help you cut down the expenses. Try to give all your catering orders to one caterer. Choose a simple menu. Even though it’s a wedding, every meal does not have to be fancy. 

Go digital with the invites. 

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Printing of invitation cards is hardly an inexpensive affair.  And therefore, Instead of going for the traditional method of physically printing the cards, go for Email Invitations. Email invitations will not only save your printing money, but they'll also help you save the money you'll otherwise have to spend while travelling to deliver those cards. And as an added benefit, it is also an environmentally friendly move.

Cut down on wedding shopping.

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While you may be tempted to buy a dozen of things for your wedding trousseau, it might not be practical. Remember, you have the rest of your life for unnecessary shopping, so during the wedding time, only spend on buying what’s needed for the wedding.

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