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 Become a Wedding Planning Stylist

Weddings are crucial. Believe it or not, people spent hundreds and thousands of rupees to hire the best wedding planning stylist to make the wedding look perfect. Since it is one of the most pivotal days of the couple, they anticipate making this day the most memorable and blissful event of their life. 

Not that you don’t require a wedding planning stylist but at some weddings, you just hand over this part to someone who can handle it well. There are times when the family members want to do it by themselves or have time to enjoy this.

But there are families who like to hire the wedding planning stylist since they don’t have much time or they just want everything to be perfect and they want to enjoy the wedding by themselves. They want someone who could prepare the whole wedding set and the venue for them. 

 Become a Wedding Planning Stylist, Wedding Planning Stylist
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What is the work of a Wedding Planning Stylist?

Well, you must not confuse the wedding planning stylist with the wedding planner. There is a huge difference between the two. While the wedding planner oversees all the wedding-related planning, the wedding planning stylist takes care of the aesthetics - they prepare the set for the function, ensure that it looks great, and creates a stunning visual backdrop. 

A wedding planning stylist does not have to check whether all the preparations are in place for the wedding: the guests, the bride/groom, transportations, etc. However, these things are to be taken care of by the wedding planner.

 Become a Wedding Planning Stylist
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How to become a Wedding Planning Stylist?

Those who have a creative eye or like to explore their creative side, those professionals most likely prefer to become wedding planning stylists. However, if you are sure about your creative side yet but you know the excellent eye for minute details and love to work with the colors then you are no different, the rest of the techniques and details can be learned. 

There are a lot of courses that will help you pursue your dream and help you become the next wedding planning stylist. However, whether you choose the right or not is the difference. 

You can choose the program from the wide array of courses available but at WMI, we are full-fledged working to re-create the Indian wedding industry and prepare aspiring wedding and event professionals for tomorrow. We provide several courses that can help you become a wedding planning stylist and live your dream.

 Become a Wedding Planning Stylist
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Here’s what you will learn in our courses at WMI

There is a slew of measures that we perform to help you get the most out of our course, which includes helping you work or experiment with the best planners and stylists of the industry. 

  • You will learn the aesthetics of styling
  • How to turn your creative plan into the perfect wedding design. 
  • How to communicate with the clients to get the best of out them. Also, getting the best of the designs created by them.
  • Handling logistics and production, which will help you in creating the perfect wedding designs.
  • Designing and structuring the design elements required in a wedding. 
  • Using design tools like flower charts, color swatches, mood boards, etc
  •  Designing table and the element on it.
  • Working on the perfect theme assigned to you by the wedding planner or the client. 

With this, you will learn a lot of activities to turn your creativity into practical practice. At, Wedding Management Institute, we ensure that you learn most of the wedding styling through our Event Management Course. Also, we provide you with practical knowledge and experiments that will help you in the perfect execution. For course details, click here.

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