How Technology is Changing Indian Weddings ? Must Know Facts

How Technology is Changing Indian Weddings ?  Must Know Facts

With changing trends and the rise in technology, Indian Weddings have become somewhat modernized. Technology is being used to simplify the wedding process instead of delaying it. So if you are thinking about how the tech has changed Indian weddings then you can refer to this blog. It has discussed all the major changes that you see in your everyday life when it comes to weddings. 

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1. The Initial Process

The amount of people doing arranged marriage in India is high due to which there are many agencies and websites that offer matchmaking services for want-to-be bride and groom. Since it’s 2020, all the work now is usually done online through computers and technology and even matchmaking is done using an algorithm where one can set preferences and look for a perfect match. 

How Technology is Changing Indian Weddings ?

2. Online connectivity made easy

The online connectivity has helped in overcoming the barrier of distance and any other barrier that might occur during the wedding, related to gifts, vendors, contacting guests, etc. here is a list of few things that are now much easier than before -

(i) Gifts and Accessories

According to a BBC report, the Indian wedding industry is worth over $25 billion and also that it is seeing a 30% annual growth. And more than half of the entire 900 tons of gold is bought or consumed during the famous Indian wedding season. 

So, the Internet and eCommerce platforms make it easy to buy and send gifts directly to those who can’t make it or those to whom need to be sent before a certain period of time. 

Technology is Changing Indian Weddings

(ii) Vendors and Photographer Finalisation

Now if you want to finalize the photographer that’s going to capture your wedding to the caterer who will be serving, everyone can be finalized through a video call. You don’t necessarily have to go to their shop or office to talk to them. 

You can interview a bunch of different people without any problem. You just need to take out a day from your time and you can do all the work that takes at least a week, within one day. 

Technology is Indian Weddings
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3. Wedding Planning

Unlike before where a family member or a relative would take up the job to plan a wedding, now wedding planners are much more experienced and professional. They have the right kind of knowledge and creativity to keep things moving smoothly. And the best part is that they are equipped with tech now. There are many startups who not just plan a wedding but provide you with a whole computer interface where you can track everything that’s under process or already taken care of. This is a way to reduce the stress of the bride and groom and ensure them that their marriage will run smoothly without any problem. 

Changing Technology in the Indian Weddings
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Technology is indeed playing a vital role in changing the picture of the Indian Wedding Industry. One can totally see that in Netflix’s recent series Indian Match Making. It shows a lot of elements that are rather traditional but the mediums used for communication between the bride and the groom or even then matchmaker is usually done via video calls. This is a great example of a tech rise. So, if you want to learn about all that and have a successful career in the wedding industry then you can come and join the Event Management Course at Wedding Management Institue (WMI). We are among the top institutions in the country that provide the best education and learning in the weddings and event industry.

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