How Events Are Preparing With Social Distancing Measures?

How Events Are Preparing With Social Distancing MeasuresALSO READ:  The Technology Which Can Make Events Possible In Outbreak

COVID-19 outbreak has hit the entire world like a truck. What was considered normal a few months ago, is now considered a felony in the majority of the countries. One of those things is social gatherings. 

Now people are not just afraid of social gatherings but they aren’t even a wise option. Social distancing has become a norm and people are forced to do so by the government who advises them to stay at home. One thing is sure that this social distancing has hit the event industry in a massive way. 

With mass testing being done and people being monitored while entering places like malls, offices, or public transport, the event industry is adapting to this pretty fast. Event organizers are finding ways of organizing events by keeping social distancing under check. 


1. Venues and attendance
Now it will all be about booking bigger venues so that social distancing can be practiced easily. Event organizers will be looking forward to booking venues that allow them to have a specific attendance and have a venue where social distancing can be implemented with them. For example, if it’s a venue that can accommodate 500 people when packed, the organizers will cut down the number to 200-300 people in the same venue.

The challenge is to overcome over-crowding. So cutting down on visitors can help in implementing social distancing better. In order to cover the cost of revenue loss due to low attendance, the ticket or fee of the event will gradually rise up. 

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2. Tracking the visitors
This is where the tracking will take place of the visitors. Such a kind of tracking will be done to avoid the overcrowding of the venue. This kind of tracking can be done through phone apps that are coming up. It is going to be mandatory to keep a track of attendees of the event to implement social distancing better. 

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3. Sanitization
It could be possible that during the event, the venue might undergo continuous sanitization. It could be in the halls, auditoriums, or conference rooms like they are being done in the hospitals and airports. This can help in killing bacterias and viruses that may have entered the premises. Also, there will be a lot more hand sanitizers than there were before. 

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4. Greeting etiquettes
If it’s a business event, it is possible that the greeting etiquette might change. For example, before it was hugs, handshakes, or kiss on the cheek, it may now be limited to a smile, a Japanese bow, or namaste. 

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5. Monitoring the guests
It’s true that not everybody will be able to attend an event since it is possible that someone infected might enter the premises and put other people’s health at risk. So, in order to maintain the outcomes of social distancing and keep everyone safe, the guests will be monitored before entering through thermal scanners. Those with higher body temperature might not be allowed to enter to follow the safety protocol. 

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There will be a lot more changes that we will get to see in the event industry due to this pandemic. Whether it is hygiene-related or health-related, we will be seeing strict measures taken in the future to avoid the spread of viruses so that the event industry can thrive once again. 

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