One Day Floral Arrangement Workshop for Aspiring Florists | Wedding Management Institute

Have you ever strolled through the lanes of floral gardens? Watched florists arranging and designing a bouquet or vase? You could fall in love with the work. The Floral Workshop helps aspiring florists, decor designers, and professionals interested in this field will learn about different aspects of floral designing, arranging, rearranging, and the basic names of some common plants. 

Whether it is a wedding or any function, we can not imagine it without flowers, however, the designing of these flowers is what creates the impression of a perfect and alluring decor. It is why Wedding Management Institute gives you an opportunity to be part of a fun-loving workshop where you will learn about flower growing and floral designing and participate in a Q&A on floral creation. 

The workshop provides you with an opportunity to learn a perfect amalgamation of theory and practical hands-on directions and instructions on the basics of floral designing. The participants will learn everything from the basics of floral creations to complete execution of all events and also learn the financial aspects of running a strong floral and decor business. Professionals from the floral industry who wish to foster their designing and management skills to aspiring florists, the curriculum provides a blend of opportunities to take your skills to the next level. We also encourage the students and the participants to build a portfolio of their work.

During the course of the workshop, led by top-notch florists and flower designers from the industry, you will learn -

- To create fancy foliage, a bouquet of fresh bloom, and a colourful vase

- To design the flowers that fit the theme of a joyful local treat

- Floral arranging and designing techniques and tips

- To work with like-minded people from the industry

- To create a floral design that is unique to you

- To create floral designs for weddings, events

Apart from having lots of designing time, you will also learn to design arbours, bouquets, wrist corsages, crowns and boutonnieres. 

If you're new to flowers and the floral industry, you might be nervous about attending the workshop, and that's okay. It is certainly not out of your league. There are no fancy or flory terms that you won't understand. You will have an amazing journey in learning new things about the floral design and the industry.

You are welcome to our one-day workshop, and you will feel that you belong in this set of aura and elegance. We're all learning, all experimenting, and all thinking about what's next.

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