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Event Planning Service

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During the last couple of years, people have realized the importance of business meets. And this has led to a notable rise in demand for event planning services. Hence, we here at Wedding Management Institute are here to give you some insights about what an event planning service does and how you can start one.

But before that, let's look at some of the basics.

What is Event Planning?

To understand this better we can divide this question into 2 parts, the first being. What are all events involved with event planning?

The following are some of the events are concerned with event planning:

1. Celebrations (fairs, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries)

2. Education (meetings, conferences)

3. Promotions (fashion shows)

4. Commemorations (memorials)

And now coming to the second part of the question, What all things do an event planning service take care of?

1. Doing analysis

2. Designing an event plan

3. Getting a venue

4. Arrangements for entertainment, decor, and food

5. Organizing transit to and from the event

6. Sending invites 

7. Providing accommodations 

8. Coordinating all activities 

9. Supervising at the site

10. Conducting evaluations of the event

And to start with event planning one must understand why these services are important. Hence the next question we are going to answer is:

Why Event Planning Services?

Most of the time, events are so huge that the host is not able to look after everything, which ends up in problems and mismanagement in the event. And even if the event is small for example, a birthday party hosts still don't like looking after and managing everything because this causes them to miss out on the celebration and fun. This is the main reason why there are event planning services.

So with everything of the way, this brings us to the main question:

How to start an Event Planning Service?

The First and foremost thing that you have to do is...

1. Become Certified

Nobody in this fast-paced industry is taken seriously if they are not certified for a particular task. If you are Certified, that means you have all the theoretical knowledge and at least some experience in the field.

And when it comes to being Certified, This is where we come in. We at Wedding Management Institute provide our attendees with the best of knowledge and experience about the Wedding Management Industry. And we also provide them with a professional certificate such as an event planning certification.

2. Choose a Market

People now don't go for generic event planners. Hence, you have to choose what kind of events your event planning services will be handling. Wedding Management Services have seen a major rise in their demands as weddings are now nothing that they used to be. People who want a memorable wedding always choose a Wedding Management Service rather than planning the wedding themselves.

3. Get Funds

People often want to know how much money would they need to start an event planning service. But that mostly depends upon the cost of living in the area where you plan of setting up the service.

4. Duties

Here are a few things that you have to do when you plan an event:

- Research

- Design 

- Proposal

- Organization

- Coordination

- Evaluation

And once you have mastered these few duties, then it's time for...

5. Marketing

This is the research on how you can make your services reaching out to the public. 

So if you are interested in starting your own event planning then you come to us at the Wedding management Institute, for the first step of the process i.e. getting Certified through our Event Management Course.

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