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Things You Must Know About Event Planning

What is Event Planning?

There are many ways to define event planning. It is hard to create a rigid and fixed definition for it and moreover, one should not fix any definition as this industry is very autonomous and independent. 

Event planning is all about the process of crafting and designing the activities for an event. It is about managing activities related to a particular occasion which is very important for a certain group of people. It is not something that everyone could know about. This is because of small intricate details and things which are needed to be taken care of during the whole process of event planning. In a layman's understanding, event planning is about arranging things and doing a follow up if the event is going smoothly. But there are many more things that come under event planning. So, event planning is a very detailed process and method to plan an event and take action so that it becomes successful.

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Who is an Event Planner?

In a very simple language, an event planner is someone who plans an event and coordinates every little detail to make that event successful. But what does it mean when we say that an event planner does much more than that? 

An event planner is someone who has to bear all the responsibility of taking care of the event he/she is planning. He/she has to manage risk and create a contingency plan according to that as if something goes wrong, a skilled event planner will be able to handle difficult and stressful situations. One of the most important skills that an event planner must be a pro is multitasking. An event planner must know how to handle many things at the same time because only one person has to deal with the vendors, the clients and has to manage other tasks. So all in all, an event planner set objectives, decide timelines, coordinate details, set budgets and work towards achieving all the objectives efficiently and effectively. 

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Why Choose Event Planning as a Profession?

Event planning is an art and not everyone can practice it. An event planner always has to work on his toes to follow up on little things. So, if you are choosing Event Planning as your Career, you must have some prior knowledge about the industry. One easy way to do this is to join an institute where you can opt for a Diploma or a Certificate Course. Pursuing a course will help you gain knowledge and get your basics clear. But this is not the only way. People who want to choose this as their profession can choose to intern or volunteer under a good event management company. One must not look to earn big amounts in the starting. In this industry, importance is always given to networking and marketing. Also, your skills will increase with experience and exposure. So one must always aim to achieve as much experience as they can. 

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What is Event Management?

Event management is a procedure of strategizing, planning and producing events. The events can vary in size, type or scale. There are many different types of events. Some of them are as follows,  fundraisers, birthdays, conferences, meetings, weddings, anniversaries, etc. 

The first step is to plan and strategize an event, which comes under event planning. All the required planning and strategizing of an event are done by an event planner as discussed earlier. After an event is planned carefully, the execution must be done accordingly. The execution and the action part comes under the event management. There are possibilities that the management is done by someone else and planning is done by someone else. In another case scenario, the event manager and event planner can be the same person too. It all depends on the size and the type of event. For example, a wedding planner is someone who plans and manages the wedding on his own with the help of his team.

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Who is an Event Manager?

An event manager is someone who directs an event by performing tasks and ensuring that everything is happening properly. This was a very general definition of what an event manager does. There is a lot more to being an event manager than just making sure that everything is in place and being conducted. An event manager must understand the objective of the work he is doing. Only if he understands this, he will be able to work in the right direction. The other things that an event manager does are coordination of transportation, dealing with vendors, managing the guests, arranging for pieces of equipment required, having a back-up plan, etc. These are some things that an event manager does while managing other little things of an event. So, all in all, an event manager is someone who manages and directs an event, as planned earlier. 

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