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Event Management vs Event Planning : Know the Right Difference

Many people wonder about the difference between Event Planning and Event Management. And most of the time they are mistaken to be the same also, but that is not the case. Event Planning and Event Management are 2 very different things. Most of the time, both of these things are taken care of by the same service which leads people to believe that they are the same. Hence here at the Wedding Management Institute are going to tell you.

What is the difference between Event Planning and Event Management?

The primary difference between them is that Event Planning happens before the event, and Event management happens during the event. And hence there are different tasks affiliated with. 

So to understand this concept better we are going to take a look at both Event planning and Event management. And first, we are going to talk about.

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Event Planning -

Whatever happens, before the event is called event planning, Keyword being planning. This is the process of making preparations for the event so that it goes down smoothly without any hiccups. Event Planning is an important affair as huge events such as business meet and large conferences can never take place without a team that is solely dedicated to the planning of the event.

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Here are some responsibilities that are associated with event planning:

1. Making a Budget: All of the other decisions are based on the budget that was decided at the very beginning of the planning stage.

2. Book a Venue: As the budget is decided, you can plan accordingly and get a venue. The kind venue depends upon the event that is being planned.

3. Booking Vendors: The outside vendors are responsible for the decor and other arrangements.

4. Hire a Caterer: No matter what kind of event is being planned, most of the time there is food.

5. Systematizing the setup: The planners also have to make arrangements for the sound system.

6. Arranging transport to and from the venue: This is also a huge part of event planning. This is done for the convenience of the attendees.

7. Plan for Invites: The last thing is to let people know about the event. And this is done by sending invites.

So as you have understood Event Planning to an extent, the next step is to get to know.

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Event Management - 

An is like a puzzle made up of hundreds of pieces. And it is not always the case that those puzzles fit perfectly with one another. Hence this is where Event Management comes in. Event management is concerned with what happens at the event. An event manager's task is to look after the event to keep everything running smoothly, efficiently and according to the earlier plan.

And some of the tasks that come under event management are:

1. Making sure the vendors are fulfilling their duties

2. Look after issues like parking

3. Devise plans for emergencies

4. Managing the working staff

5. See the overall functioning of the event

6. Resolve problems immediately

So, this was all you need to know about event planning and management. Wedding Management Institute is an Event Management Institution that is led by a renowned Wedding Planning Duo, Mr Varun Dua, and Mr Chirag Dua. In today's world, there is a huge scope for Event Management, particularly in the wedding industry. And if you are someone who would like to read more about this, you can go to our website to read our other blogs. And if you would like to choose either event planning or event management, then we would suggest you go through with our Event Management Course as it teaches the students about planning as well as management. 

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