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To an extent, we all are familiar with the concept of Event Management but the field is way bigger than someone can imagine. And Event Management is important as one might think Events are just fun gatherings but there is a lot of planning that goes into planning one.

When we talk about business, events hold a great significance. Millions of dollars of deals are closed over these events hence there is no need to emphasis on what significance these kinds of events have. 
So as events are taken seriously, Event Management is also an aspect that should be given equal attention. And the reason for that is simple, without event management there will be no events. Due to which Event Management has seen some major changes over the past few years. So before getting into all this, first we should understand what event management is.

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What is Event Management?

One might see Event Management as the Behind the Scenes work where the actual event is the final cut of the production. In simple words, we can say that Event Management is the development of an event from scratch. Starting from the planning where the event is going to take place from tackling the problems that might pop up at the event. 

What are Event Management Schools?

Event Management Schools are institutes that teach people the A to Z of Event Management and planning and also provide them with a professional degree. 
These schools have taken off during the last few years as there is a good scope for event management, in the wedding industry especially.

What do Event Management Schools Teach?

Here are some of the basic things that are taught in Event Management Schools are:

- How to set objectives
- How to organize a team
- How to utilize the budget
- How to plan an event
- How to brand your event and publicize it
- How to find Sponsorship, etc

So if you are interested in Event Management then you can come to us at Wedding Management Institute (WMI) as we are among the leading Event Management School in India.

Top Event Management School

What all Events come under Event Management?

There is no limit to what all events can come under the radar of event management but still, some of the most common and popular events that need event management are:

1. Parties - 

This is the most common sort of event. People plan parties all the time and for that, they need a wedding management team that can take the full charge of the event so that the party goes down smoothy and the hosts' aren't overwhelmed by the event.

2. Exhibitions -

Exhibitions are also events that need planning and supervision. We all have been to an exhibition once in our lives but have we ever thought about what all planning goes into organizing such exhibitions

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3. Sports Events -

However big or small, these events also need a team that can look after everything. Most of the focus on these kinds of events is on crowd control.

4. Business Conferences -

One can say that it is one of the most important forms of events that need a planning committee. And the reason for this is that major deals are made over these events and one single hiccup in these kinds of meetings can cause a lot of trouble.

5. Festivals and Concerts - 

These events are all about the planning that is done before the event. You might have gone to a concert and thought that the management wasn't good, this is because the Event management team didn't do their work properly. 

6. Fashion Events - 

This is another example of an event that needs a separate team, working only towards the event going down perfectly. 

7. Weddings - 

We saved the best for last. Weddings! These are the most extravagant events out of all the events we have discussed until now. And in a diverse country like India, we know those wedding celebrations here can last for weeks. 
Weddings hold great significance in people's lives and this is the reason event management has the most scope is the wedding industry. This is in turn because people want their weddings to be perfect without taking a lot of responsibilities for themselves.

Top Event Management School

There are hundreds of aspects that have to be taken care of in a wedding and some of the major things are given below:

1. Decide the Budget - 

This is an aspect on which all the further decisions depend. The greater the budget, the better the arrangement can be.

Get Inspiration: Get an idea from the Bride and the Groom that what kind of wedding they are looking for. And work from there.

2. Pin down the dates -

Before you can start booking anything, you have to finalize the dates for the wedding.

Select a Venue: Every other layer of planning is based on this first step, choosing an excellent venue. All the other decisions like where which tent is to be used and where the stage is going to be are taken care of. 

3. Book Vendors -

This is a major step as most of the wedding is dependant upon vendors. Some of the things that are taken care of by the vendors are Food, Decorations, Photography, etc.

4. Set up Rehearsals -

This is important to get to know how the wedding is going to go and also what all problems you might face during the actual event. Rehearsals make things easy when it comes to the big day. They prepare us for the wedding.

Most of the people go to such events have a good time and come back but some of us are intrigued by the whole planning thing. And we are here to inform you that if you are one of those people then Event Management Schools are for you.


Why Choose Wedding Management Institute (WMI)?

WMI is an Event Management School that is led by a renowned Wedding Planning Duo, Mr Varun Dua, and Mr Chirag Dua. In today's world, there is a huge scope for Event Management, particularly in the wedding industry. But not a lot of these schools focus on Weddings. Hence our leaders thought of starting an Event Management School which solely focuses on Wedding Planning. The wedding planning duo is absorbed in making the wedding industry even better through their work. They have been planning weddings since 2008 and we can say that they knew quite a lot about weddings. And this is what they want to pass down to the people who are intrigued by Wedding Planning.
So if you are interested in the wedding planning sector then be sure to reach out to us regarding our Event Management Course.

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