Event Management Courses You Can Opt For After 12th

Event Management courses after 12th

There are many event management companies looking for freshers who have a passion for working in this industry and are great learners. But the problem is usually that the freshers do not even have a basic idea about this huge and overwhelming event world. It’s not like this industry does not have a place to accommodate young talent, it’s just that many freshers get lost among the crowd due to excessive competition and stress. This can be prevented if the freshers take up a course in event management to gain at least some basic knowledge before directly working under someone. It is very important to have Internship in Event Management Course. So, these are some courses that one can pursue from a wedding management institute. Event Management Course is one of the Best Career Options That You Can Opt for After 12th

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Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management

Diploma in Event Management is a popular choice in an Event Management Course after 12th. It is a course that can be immediately opted after high school. The reason it is popular is that it is not as long as a graduation degree and it is not short like a certificate course. It is a very apt course to give you enough knowledge about the industry and also, brief you about the practical knowledge which will broaden your horizon. 

The other course that is considered important and worthy is post graduate diploma in event management. The difference between these two courses is that you need to be graduated in any field to pursue a post-graduate diploma in event management. 

These two courses will provide knowledge on many topics which will be of great help to the people aspiring to be an event manager, event coordinator, wedding planner, etc. 

The topics which may get covered in these two courses might almost be similar, the difference is always in how extensively a topic is covered. Some examples of these topics are, event marketing, public relations, event advertising, event production, catering, event accounting, risk management, etc. there are many numerous small topics that must be covered in these two types of courses. It all depends on the institute you will be pursuing your diploma from. 
Event management Courses After 12th

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Certificate Courses in Event Management

A certificate is usually pursued with the intention to gain basic knowledge about a particular topic like a wedding planner course. It is like a foundational course that gives you a basic idea about all the topics so that you know what is what. This course may not be for those who are looking for in-depth knowledge about event management. This course is recommended for beginners who want to know about event management just as extra knowledge. But that doesn't mean you can’t do it if you want to become a professional in the industry. You can pursue this course and be sure if this is the thing you want to do in the future. The topics will be like, introduction to event management, human resources in event management, accounting in event management, etc. It is Also Important to know 5 Reasons To Invest In A Professional Online Wedding Planning Course

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BBA in Event Management and PR

This hugely varies from the previously mentioned courses. This is a professional full-time degree course in event management. This definitely explains why it is an in-depth course on event management. You will gain a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge while the duration of 3 years in this course. Also, you will also gain a lot of experience and exposure during the course. This is because learning about event management is incomplete without gaining on the field knowledge about this industry. Also, BBA is a gateway to pursue PG in event management or PR.

So, these were some courses in the event management you can opt for after you have completed your 12th. All of these courses have basic requirements and eligibility criteria. Just make sure you are sure that you know why you are taking up a particular course and you will be good to go.

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