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Event Management refers to planning, organizing, managing, running, and coordinating teams, organizations, and people that come together to participate in any kind of event. Event Management trainees are trained to plan, organize, marketing, producing, and analyzing events. The Event Management Course can be taken up by a student who has passed 10+2 and who is interested in the flourishing hospitality industry or wedding industry. Event management course focus on the measures and techniques that shall be taken to make any event a grand success.

Event Manager courses offer you various courses that you can choose to become a certified and authenticated event planner and manager. Having a certification in Event Management is very crucial before even anticipating to push your career in this field. Event Management has become a flourishing industry that has been driving more youngsters to its creativity and unique approach in making events grand and exuberant. It has made the industry more cheerful and enthusiastic with creative minds designing, planning, and executing events. Whether you are an undergraduate or looking to peruse graduation in Event management or pondering to get certification in the Event Manager Course, then you must look at some of the popular courses and certifications that WMI provides.

Event Manager Course

Event management teaches you ideas and practical learning from similar methods like project management, innovation management, public relations, and marketing. Some of the subjects that are included in the events management syllabus include strategic and risk management, managing events, advertising and promotion, innovation for events, and effective marketing.

Some of the most important concepts that an aspiring events management student would expect include:

- Meeting management

- Financial management

- Fundraising and sponsorship

- Contract management

- Marketing and Promotions

- Hospitality, Public relations

- Catering and Foodservice management

1. Meeting management -

Everything in events starts with a meeting. So, in this concept, you will be able to learn how to plan, design, and execute a meeting, it is an event in itself. You will learn to manage the meeting, requirements of the meeting and how to make the meeting a fruitful event.

2. Financial Management -

In this concept, you will be taught the techniques to manage the finance of any event. Whether you are planning to start your event company or work for one, you will need to have financial planning for your event and your company and this is where the concept called financial management will help. It deals with arranging and managing the budget of the event, which is one of the most important things in event management. If you ace this, you will be able to manage your events perfectly and within the budget.

3. Fundraising and sponsorship -

Let's imagine that you own a company or you are the company's Fundraiser and sponsoring specialist, and you are asked to find the sponsors for the event that is happening sometime in future. What will you do? You need sponsors for your event, right? So, this concept in Event management is specially designed for the students to ace the subject and remain well versed with the methods of raising funds for the event.

4. Contract management -

Since there are several posts and jobs available in the event management companies, you can be a contract manager of the company and manage the contracts coming in. This concept in event management is designed to help the aspiring event managers manage the event contracts and generate the ROI.

5. Marketing and Promotions -

Marketing and Promotions is one of the main aspects of any event. Whether you are planning to launch an event or running an event or concluding an event, you just have to deliver the message to your audience and promote your event. This is one of the main concepts that help aspiring event managers to market their event and promote it on different media outlets. In this concept, the students are also taught to use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc to promote an event and the brand. It also teaches you to use these social media sites to deal with your clients and deliver your message to the audiences attending the event.

6. Hospitality -

If you are organizing an event, you should be aware of your clients and your customers as it is important for the host to know its client. The relationship between the two is called hospitality. In an event manager course, you will be taught some interesting techniques to deal with clients, manage the clients, and generate trust and strong bonds with your customers. This is what makes your event managing qualities flawless and effective. If you know how to win the hearts of your clients or customers, you can easily revive your clients and it will help you in building your brand image and trustworthiness among yourself and the client. 

Hospitality is also determined by the services that you provide to your client, and in the Event Manager Course, you will also learn Catering and Foodservice management.

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carrer with Event Manager Course

Every profession has a skill expected from the professionals that can’t be afforded to be compromised on. It varies from profession to profession. But Event management is the only profession that is very different from every other profession and demands a really unique set of skill sets. It is just important that aspiring candidates trying to get into the industry must know the practical things about this unorganized industry.

So, we will talk about the things you must know before you join an event manager course or a Wedding Planning Institute below.

1. Timing is a Crucial Factor in this Industry -

Events happen just once, it doesn't matter what kind of event it is. This industry is very demanding when it comes to punctuality and delivery. These two things hold great value when we talk about event management. For example, if we talk about the wedding industry, the timing plays a very important role in it. There is a very simple logic behind this. Weddings happen once and they are a very important event for any family. So, the urgency of everything is always present when a wedding is being planned or even executed. So, the conclusion is that in every other profession you can do it tomorrow but not in the event industry. The delivery must be on time without any excuses. A wedding planner or an event manager can’t make excuses that he/she will do it tomorrow. This is just not possible as the event will always happen on time it will never wait for the timing to be perfect, the timing must be made perfect.

2. Managing Stress -

When we google, ‘What is the most stressful job in the world?’, you will find words like, ‘event management’ and ‘event coordinator’. This reveals a lot about the event industry. This will give you a lot of ideas about what a professional in this industry goes through. It doesn't mean that this industry is bad or not worthy, it’s just that there are a lot of expectations from an event planner or an event manager. An event planner must know how to manage his/her stress. Many times, an event planner has to deal with event after event or wedding after wedding, these times really become stressful and an event manager must know how to deal with the stress. So the point is that it is important that a newcomer or someone who wants to get into the industry must know about the pros and cons of it. The event industry sure has a lot of glamour and money but a lot of patience and effort is required to survive in this industry. So, never think this industry is just fun and games, this is a very serious and demanding profession.

3. Practical Knowledge is Important -

If you think that your basic is clear and you have read a lot of books on Event Management and now you can just become a professional, you are wrong. This industry mostly works on good networking and marketing. Also, your experience is respected the most rather than your education. Gaining knowledge is important but working on-field and gaining experience is more important. This is because an event manager is someone who has to coordinate and choreograph the whole event very carefully and efficiently. There are numerous people an event manager has to deal with and for the communication to be efficient, an event planner must know how to speak their language. An event manager is someone who deals with the vendors as well as the high-end clients, so he/she must be efficient in both ways equally. An event manager must know how to negotiate with the vendors and also know how to market their business so that he can get more clients. 

4. The Theoretical Knowledge will help You a Lot -

We talked about how practical on-field knowledge is very important but it is a fact that theoretical knowledge comes really handy. The basic thing to understand here is that learning about the profession you are stepping into holds value. After all, does education ever go waste? No, never! It's always good to be ahead in your own game. So learning about the industry you are stepping into will give you an edge and more confidence to flourish. People who really want to know do not limit themselves to gaining knowledge from just some books, they even go out and enroll themselves in a course and pursue a Certificate in Event Planning or diploma courses in event management. This is a very good option when we talk about choosing event management as your profession. So, before you step professionally into this industry you must get your basics right and it will happen if you have some prior knowledge about the industry.

5. Professionalism is the Key -

As talked about earlier, this industry entails a lot of pressure with it. In the event industry, you need to deliver everything on time with utter professionalism. Whatever happens, your clients always come first and you cannot let them down in any scenario. Also, there are no excuses that you can make if you don’t deliver on time or accurately. And you can’t even make an excuse that you had too much on your plate because every event is equally important and must be given attention very carefully. A client needs to have complete trust in the event manager he/she is hiring. This is because nobody wants an event manager to create problems rather than solve them. Every client deserves utter professionalism from the event manager he/she is hiring. So, professionalism is one skill that can’t be compromised on.

Best Event Management Courses

An event manager might deal with many events or weddings back to back and usually feel very overwhelmed with it. But it does not mean that an event manager can take things lightly and lack off in work. Because it is never acceptable to ruin anybody’s event. 

If you are planning to get admission to an Event Planning Institute, make sure that the course provided benefits you in the long run. Any course opted must have a unique curriculum and it must really help youngsters show their skills in the wedding and event industry.

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