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Event Management Certification

We all know how glamorous and enchanting the event industry can be. We just get excited when we hear the word event, they are fun and happening, who wouldn’t want to attend events and that too while working?  But there is often confusion about this industry on an expert front. There is a lack of knowledge about how to find work in this industry. Many fresh graduates wander in the search for the right internship or job, but rather they get stressed and overwhelmed. 

Before going any further, let us talk a little bit about Event management certification, the eligibility criteria, and a career in event management. As the name suggests, event management is the field of events where the responsibility of a manager is to overview, take responsibility, and run an event successfully. In event management, it’s not just about managing the event or supervising it. There are many other roles that an expert has to play during an event. It could be from volunteering to client management and then there’s organizing.

But where did this certification came from? Well, that time is gone when being a part of the volunteering team would give you a green card to event management. But that’s not the case anymore. It’s not like a certificate is mandatory and will pave the way for your event career. It doesn’t work like that. 

Event management certification is basically proof that you have a certain qualification and knowledge about that subject and you can perform better at managing events and know the basic Modus Operation of it. 

If you have experience in managing one type of event then it doesn’t mean that you will be successful if you do a different type of event. That’s when a certification helps. Having an event management certification ensures that you know how to handle a situation, an event, or dealing with vendors when being put in a real-life situation.

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Importance of Event Management Certification - 

This is a common question asked by aspiring event management students. A lot of them are confused about whether they should get event management certification or should just start out by volunteering in events. Well, both of them are an efficient way to learn about event management and how things work. 

It’s true that volunteering gives you experience and you know how things work but when you go for certification, you learn from the grass-root level that gives you more knowledge than a newbie. When you have prior information about managing an event, you tend to perform better and dodge bullets that come in the way. 

Event Management Certification holds great significance and allows an individual to get an idea about what to expect the job. Having a first-hand experience with events does help but now a lot of places ask for a proper certification if you want to manage an event. A certification works as proof that you have invested your time and effort into learning the art of event management. Also know How to Become a Certified Wedding Planner & Event Planner in India

Eligibility: A lot of people ask about the eligibility for getting an event management certification. Well, if you have done 10+2 or hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree then you eligible for certification of event management. 

One way to get proper knowledge about this industry is to Pursue an Event Management Course.

We have tried to answer some questions which might help you know more about event management certification.
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1. Can I become an Event Planner without a Degree or Certification?

The simple answer is yes. There are no certificate and degree requirements to become an event planner. Usually, gaining a certificate or a degree is an extra effort made by someone to get a headstart in this industry. So, the amount of knowledge you will get during a three-year course will never go to waste. It will always hold some importance and add value to your career. 

If you don’t want to get a certificate or a degree in event management, you can start your career by doing an internship or even working for free initially. If you already have connections, you can even get a good job.

2. How to get a Certification in Event Management?

If you need a proper education in event management you can choose this subject as your bachelor's. You can also graduate in a different subject and opt for a diploma or a certificate course side by side. Doing this will give you two options for your career, one event management and another because of the degree you will complete. And if you want to find a proper job without a degree you must have at least 1 or 2 years of experience.

3. Is Event Planning as a Career worth it?

If you are looking for validation that is this career is good for you, then you must stop looking for it. Only you can know if this is the right career for you. There are many factors that make a person choose Event planning as their Career. The reason is always different for every person.

If we talk about event planning as a career, there are some disadvantages and some benefits to it, like any other profession. It is a really interesting and adventurous job but certain people like to settle down. The adventure factor may take a toll on people after some time. But this career is very unique and does not allow you to settle. If you are ready to accept that and mingle your personality with a career like this, you may be the right fit. Also, a lot of multitasking and stress management is required for this kind of profession. So, one must always keep these factors in mind before deciding if event planning as a career worth it or not.

4. What Skills do Event Planners Need?

Event planners are multi-taskers who are demanded to have a lot of skills. This is because this profession can be overwhelming and stressful. And to survive and keep growing, some skills are really mandatory and useful. 

An event planner is also a businessman and needs to have organizational skills. If an event planner is very talented and knows his work, he still needs to know how to market and network his skills. If there are no clients to opt for his services, talent and passion are not fully utilized. So, an event planner must know how to network and bring clients. He must be someone who is really creative and artistic. This is very important as the clients always have many alternatives, so they always want something more creative. Other than these skills, an event planner must be tech-savvy, adaptable, and updated about his industry.

5. Does getting a Certification in Event Management help in getting a job?

This question does not have a very simple answer. In the event industry, one needs to have a lot of skills and updated knowledge to survive. So, just getting a certification does not guarantee anything. Also, making connections or networking is also a great way to keep or find a job in this industry. Getting a certificate can help you stand out and grow more due to the knowledge received but getting a job is totally dependent on how you take things forward.

6. What is the Qualification for Event Management?

There is no mandatory qualification to become an event planner. But there are many courses that can be opted for. Usually, people go for an Event Management Course because it gives them a perspective of the industry. Also, it is a good way to get some knowledge about the industry and get the basics right. There are many Event Management Institute that also offer an internship or a chance to volunteer after the course is over, so this is also a plus point of pursuing a course. You can opt for diploma and certificate courses. If you want an in-depth study of event management, you can also pursue your bachelor’s degree in event management or PR. At the end of the day, it all depends on how you want to take your initial steps in the industry.

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So, these were answers to some basic queries you must be having regarding event management certification. We hope they helped you decide if you want an event management certificate or not.

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