What Wedding Planner Must Have in Wedding Day Emergency Kit

What Wedding Planner Must Have in Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Weddings are one of the most important and blissful events in our lives and all we want is them to be memorable, and flawless, of course! There are a slew of measures that are to be taken care of by someone expert in handling the weddings and the related events and the assortments around it. And wedding planners are the ones who finely take care of everything at any wedding from a simple plan to booking a wedding venue to manage caterers or wrap up the event successful after its completion. Wedding planners are very crucial and they perfectly ensure the success of any wedding event. 

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After deep research and chit-chat with top wedding planners (men and women), we have come to realize what are the main items and accessories that you need to carry in your wheels. 

In this blog, we will delve into the necessary items that a wedding planner requires for the successful execution of a wedding. We will break this down into different categories so that you can pack at your convenience.

Standard Emergency Kit accessories 

Hand rub: After coronavirus hit the world, some items became a necessity. As a wedding planner, you must not forget to carry Hand rub (Alcohol-based).

Medications like Pain relievers such as Antacids, Advil, medication for headache and stomach relief. 

First Aid items are really necessary to include in your wedding kit. Don’t forget to take extra bandages and band-aids. 

Fashion items such as perfume, hair comb/brush, lip gloss, nail polish, nail kit, mouthwash, breath mints, stain remover, wipes, wine wipes, etc.

Anti-static sprays: New dresses too often stick to the skin, causing discomfort. To prevent this uncomfortable situation anti-static sprays are a must.

A candle lighter, spare pen, and socks are some of the essentials that you can include in your kit to save yourself from bizarre situations. 

Anti-static spray to prevent skirts and dresses from clinging to the skin, which is unattractive and uncomfortable for everyone.

These are some essentials that a wedding planner must have in his wedding kit to save the family from embarrassment or couples from suffering on their most special day. 

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