3 Easy Tips To Plan A Perfect Budget Wedding

tips to plan a budget wedding

You might have seen movies or daily soap operas where the bride and groom’s family decide to get their kids married in a week. What is the first thought that strikes you when you see this? Is it, “organising a wedding in a week? Absurd! What about the budgeting?” Well, in that case, we are on the same page. 

Budgeting plays a pivotal role while planning a wedding. Be it a small or a huge wedding, setting up a budget should be one of your top priorities. It is only through a well drafted budget plan, that you can have a perfect wedding without superfluous spending. However budgeting is  an umbrella term that encompasses many aspects, so in this article we have narrowed it down to 3 simple tips.

#Tip 1

Commensurate your finances with your dreams

Remember how Jake from Brooklyn nine-nine listened to his “gut" and ended up planning a wedding way beyond his budget? So the lesson is, don’t be Jake. While there may be many things that your gut wishes for, don’t forget to keep your dreams in check with your finances. A simple thumb rule will make this easier for you- make logical deductions. 

tips to plan a budget wedding

For instance, you are stuck between spending more on food or décor. In this case, let’s remember that while décor will be aesthetically appealing for two minutes, food is ultimately the benchmark of a good wedding (as an alternative, you can also use some DIY tricks to add to your décor). And this is a simple trick that can be used each time that you are confused about two or more things. 

#Tip 2

Invitation cards

This is one area where you can save on a whole lot of money. With our huge families and circle of friends, it’s  truly a “Big Fat” wedding. And the more the guests, the more the number of cards to be printed. And printing is hardly a cheap affair. But we have a super cute and cost-effective alternative for you. 

tips for perfect budget wedding

Instead of going for the traditional method of physically printing the cards, go for Email Invitations. Email invitations will not only save your printing money, it'll also help you save the money you'll otherwise have to spend while travelling to deliver those cards. And as an added benefit, it is also an environmentally friendly move.

#Tip 3

Choose an off-season date and stick to a single venue for all/ most of your functions. 

During the wedding season, everything seems to become 2× times expensive. Be it the venue, beautician, decorators or photographers. So, if you choose to conduct your wedding ceremonies on an off-season date, you can save up on the extra money that is usually incurred if you do it during the wedding season. Also, try to stick to one venue for all your ceremonies. This will help you get a huge discount on the place.

Tips for a budget wedding

To conclude, a perfect wedding is not one where you spend too much money on extravagant things, it is one where there is a smile on everyone’s face and no stress or guilt of going beyond budget.

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