Dos and Don’ts before you go for destination wedding planning

destination wedding planning

Destination weddings are the most preferred weddings when it comes to celebrating such an important occasion. From sun-soaked beaches to secluded green forests, there is no reason why a couple loves to plan a destination wedding for their D-day. 

Weddings are the most important and sacred events that are celebrated among loved ones at the most exotic locations of couples’ choice. So, if you are a wedding planner or a couple who are planning their wedding by themselves, then here are some dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind before you go on planning your destination wedding at some stunning location.

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1. Visit the location

Do visit the site and the venue you booked for your destination weddings.  make sure they have sufficient place that you are anticipating.

2. Send Early invitations

Do send the early invitations to your loved ones and the guests so that they will save the date accordingly. Deciding a wedding is not just that easy, it is creating a big commitment for your guests that you need to fulfill. 

3. Do weigh your guests

Do mention RSVP in your invitations so that you know the approximate number of people who could turn up on the wedding day. Since destinations are quite expensive, you don't necessarily have to waste your budget (even when you have a plethora to spend).  

4. Do hire a wedding planner

Planning a destination wedding can be overwhelming and exciting but it is hectic too. if you like to celebrate the wedding of your loved ones to the fullest then handing over these responsibilities is the best you can do. 

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They won't just take your responsibilities off your shoulders but will make your work easier as they have a strong network of suppliers such as florists, decor and stylists, caterers, etc.

best destination wedding planners
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1. Don’t forget to research

Don’t forget to do your research about the wedding destination before even taking the first step. It is necessary to have everything planned well and it comes by researching thoroughly. You need to make sure that everything you are anticipating to fits your wedding theme and the requirements. 

2. Don’t’ think a destination wedding is cheaper

Don't assume that a destination wedding is a cheaper way to celebrate your wedding. It will depend on your preferences and the budget number of guests you have invited to the wedding. You just need to be honest and realistic with your expectations. 

3. Don’t underestimate the climate

Wedding destinations are stunningly breathtaking and yet some are prone to rains and high temperatures. So it is highly recommended to gauge the temperature and forecast while making plans for your much-anticipated destination wedding. 

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