Know Impact of Coronavirus on Events Industry in 2020

Impact of Coronavirus on Events

Impact of Coronavirus on Events in India and Worldwide

India might have gone under lockdown just a few days ago but the rest of the world like Italy and China already started practising Social Distancing and Lockdowns a while back. As the government forces the citizens to not leave the home or be at crowded places, most of the major events and conferences are being cancelled.

After the outbreak, events have been affected in various ways and we are here to shed a light on it.

Impact of Coronavirus on Events

Hence this is how coronavirus outbreak has impacted events:

1. Events being cancelled and postponed

This was the first effect that we got to see due to the coronavirus outbreak. Events all over India either got cancelled or postponed as the Indian Govt put the country in immediate lockdown as soon as the condition turned bad. And it is not just about India, events all over the world got cancelled due to coronavirus.

2. Changing the location of the event

When most countries thought of cancelling their events, few countries that had only a few or no cases of COVID-19 changed the venues for their event just to play safe and be cautious.

The reason few countries went ahead with their events only changing the location is that the event is planned out months before and most of the time there are no cancellation refunds.

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3. Planning of Virtual Meetings 

This was the next big step to cancelling all the major events. As it was full of risk to meet people in person, organisations came up with the concept of Virtual Meetings, in which two or more people can connect to each other and talk about whatever they intended to. This can be done via Skype and many other websites and apps.

Impact of Coronavirus on Events

The best example of this is the Apple event that was supposed to take place in March but was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. The event is now set to take place online where no actual people will be there at the venue, only viewers who will watch the conference from their homes. 

4. Getting More Medical Back-Up

In some cases, neither cancelling the event nor relocating it is an option. And at times like these, all you can do is move ahead with the event but with a lot of precautions. If you are planning an event despite the corona outbreak you have to have a good Medical Back-Up staff at the scene.

At situations like these, masks and hand sanitisers should be handed down to the attendees so that the possibilities of people catching anything from each other is very less.

5. Travelling Difficulties

If you decide to go ahead with the event anyway, you have to keep in mind the problem people are going to face at the time of transit. It will be very difficult for people from different countries to reach the event. Most of the countries have cancelled even domestic flight services, so it will be a lot more difficult for someone coming from another country to attend the event.

Hence these were some of the impacts that Coronavirus Outbreak has caused on the events Worldwide. To read more blogs like this one, you can go to our site Wedding Management Institute. And if you get into the event planning industry, you should definitely enrol for our Event Management Course.

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