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Ideal Checklist for Wedding Planning

Weddings are the most hectic and time-consuming ceremonies that need a proper and thorough plan to execute to make the wedding a grand success. With new trends storming the wedding industry, it has become a fashion to include all the fancy things at our wedding that makes it the most difficult job. Be it managing the budget for your ideal wedding or selecting a wedding venue or the much-hyped RSVP list, all these are taken care of timely by the wedding hosts or the wedding planner, if hired. 

Not to miss even a single detail, it takes robust efforts to memories, and keep reminding ourselves of the discussed checklist for the wedding, we have created a list of the ultimate wedding necessities. This checklist will help you remember every minute detail and will ensure that you do not miss the important tasks that you are supposed to deliver. 

Whether you have a year for the wedding or a few weeks, all you have to do is to ensure everything running smooth to pull off a fabulous wedding. Here is a step by step wedding planning timeline for your wedding.

It all starts with a simple outline that you kickstart your robust planning with for the ideal wedding. It may be a one-day ceremony, but we must not forget that it involves almost a year-long planning.

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Here is the step by step guide to planning your perfect wedding. 

These are the main elements to start outlining and planning for your wedding ceremony. Let's brainstorm!

1. Budget 

The first thing you should do is to mark your words on deciding the numbers, the budget. It is the main component that gives you the headstart to plan your wedding requirements. Once you choose the figure, you can easily list down the important things without any restrictions or hindrance. Since you are aware of the elasticity of the budget, you will be at liberty to fit the required items into the checklist.

2. Wedding Planner

The need for a Wedding planner these days is on the peak. Couples who plan for a wedding intend to hire a wedding planner who can outline, plan, orchestrate to make the wedding stress free for the family and a grand success. A wedding planner will help you with almost everything from choosing the pair of shoes for the bride to the plates used in catering to the venue. His creative ideas will make your wedding smooth and going.

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3. Wedding Venue

The wedding planner you choose will have different locations in mind where he might have worked or planned a wedding before. His contacts in the wedding industry will help you in choosing the best venue for the wedding ceremony. The choice of venue decided by the guests attending the ceremony. 

- Choose the theme for the wedding

- Hire a florist who will take care of flower designing and decor at the wedding.

- Music

4. Catering

After you choose the venue, the next thing you need to do is to book the date with catering service providers. They will make your delicious food. They will also take care of other related supplies like liquor, beer, cocktail, barbeque, and other drinks. 

- Book a day with Catering service providers.

- Draft a list of necessary items and services.

- Give them the cuisine outline so that they can start gathering the required items for the wedding. 

- Discuss the dress code with them, which will keep the theme of the wedding lively and unique.

- Cake for the wedding day

5. RSVP: List of the Guests

Then comes the hectic responsibility of choosing the final list of the guests or attendees. We might fight with our family members for some guests. Since the day is the celebration of the love of the couple among the most intimate family members, relatives, and friends, the question of inviting some acquaintances arises undoubtedly. 

- Sit back with your family members and jot down the list of your friends, relatives, and acquaintances to be invited for the wedding. 

- Make a final list of your guests, which will help you manage other things at the wedding like venue capacity, food, and gifts for the guests. 

- If you want to set the boundaries, you must not forget to include RSVP to make the perfect preparations for your ideal wedding day.

- Although Indians do not respond to the RSVP invitations or even take it lightly if you are planning a destination wedding, then it becomes necessary for you to emphasize on RSVP. 

6. Dresses

Outfits are the most crucial things for the wedding ceremony. While you want to keep the theme of the wedding identical and unique, you need to choose the best attire for the bride or the groom. 

- Discuss the dress with a designer

- Wedding Planner can help you to connect you with the best wedding planners in the industry

- Select the dress according to the theme

- You may also choose the matching color

- In the meantime, you should attend the dress fittings

- Choose a dress for the bridesmaid

- Hire a makeup artist who will make your bride look more stunning and gorgeous. 

7. Wedding Photographer and Videographer

No matter how small or how big the wedding ceremony is, you will not compromise with hiring the best wedding photographer who will take care of capturing the best and the significant moments at the wedding ceremony. Photographer helps you to document all your moments that will prove to be a treasurable legacy. The photographs and videos of your wedding will help you to relive every moment of your wedding and remind you of the great day of your life. Book a day with the best wedding photographer, explain the layout to him. He will ensure that you get the wedding covered in the best possible and unique style.

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