Careers in Event Planning Industry


Careers in Event Planning

The event planning industry is so sparkling and enchanting that many people are lured into making it their profession. But some people don’t even know what all the careers they can choose. This industry demands many skills from the professionals working under it. It is without any doubt one of the most stressful jobs. But it has its perks too. Basically the important thing to know is that events are important for the people who are conducting it, the won’t happen again and again for a group of people. This adds emotional value to them which can’t be played with. This industry also demands punctuality and timely delivery, and trust us these two things can’t be compromised no matter what your job role is. But don’t worry we are not scaring you away. Just be prepared and you will be good to go. Also, If you want to know about careers in the industry, you are in the right place.

Corporate Titles Related to Event Planning Industry -

> Event Planner

An event planner is someone who plans and executes an event in a flawless way. He/she is someone who takes care of every little thing that makes an event perfect. Be it planning, budgeting, catering, everything is choreographed by an event planner. They make it all happen by their multitasking abilities. An event planner takes care of different types of events which helps him/her gain lots of experience and exposure which is very important to flourish and survive in this field. An experienced event planner may even coordinate large scale events with thousands of people, but obviously with the team. But leading a team is also not a child’s play, only an experienced event planner can do it. At an event if any problem occurs, an event planner is a go-to person, this can be really overwhelming but it feels very satisfying if an event turns out to be a great success. 

> Wedding Planner

This is a very popular choice for a career in the industry. But it is a fact that not everybody can be good at it. This is a career that demands absolute accountability and focus. This is because weddings are so important that they can’t just turn out to be a disaster. A wedding planner is someone who helps his/her clients plan a wedding and take action to achieve what was planned for. This was obviously a very basic idea of what a wedding planner does. Couples want to rely on someone who knows all about the industry and is experienced enough to make their day very special and worth it. The wedding planner basically takes away all the stress from the couple and their families’ shoulders. A wedding planner is someone who is expected to have knowledge about every little detail about what goes around in a wedding. He/she is someone who takes care of the chaos if something goes wrong. The credibility of a wedding planner is known by his/her experience with different types of weddings.

> Social Media Events/ Ad Campaign Coordinator

This is a very interesting job profile for an event planner. Social media is the new cool so why should the event industry stay behind? Promoting and showcasing en event on social media platforms of companies or any other brand hugely profits their business. Also, it is plainly interesting and fun to attend an event and do a live feed or other activities to promote that event. This career strays away from all the traditional event planning careers. Also, this career may demand you to do ad campaigns for the brand image by running it on different social media. All this considered, this career is a mixture of event planning and digital marketing which can be an amazing profession.

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> Marketing Manager in the Corporate World

Nobody ever said that event planning careers are just confined to the wedding industry or any particular types of events. Like any other profession, many companies are always looking for a manager who can conduct marketing events for them for promotional purposes. It doesn't matter if the company is mid-sized or large, it needs to do some PR activities and marketing events for its own brand image. If you are a person who likes to have a little bit of security when it comes to your event planning career, this may turn out to be the best option for you. You can plan the events for the company and even experiment with the future ones when the time is right.

So, these were some careers you can take in the industry. There are many more careers you can find fitting for you, it’s only about our interest area. This is a huge industry and always looking for talented and passionate people who are willing to give their everything to make an event successful. The best thing is that ever career in this industry is interesting and full of adventure, you just need to find the career perfect for you. So if you are ready to take in this glamorous industry, we here at WMI can give you a headstart with the help of our Event Management Course. Enrol With Us Today!

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