5 Career Options To Look In Wedding Industry

Career options in wedding industry

If there is one industry that never goes out of fashion then, without a doubt, it is the wedding industry. This is proven by an article in Mint which states that India's wedding market in 2020 was $ 50 billion. And hence, In a country like India where marriage is considered to be a sacred institution, if you are in the wedding industry, you’ll never be jobless. If you’re a creative person who loves socializing then, making a career in the wedding industry is your thing. Here are the five career options that you can pursue in this domain:

1. Wedding Planner

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Wedding planner is the life of wedding planning. As a wedding planner, you might have to shoulder many responsibilities and be good at multitasking. You’ll also be expected to socialize with many people and act as a mediator amongst multiple people performing various roles. As the career name itself suggests, the life of a wedding planner revolves around intense planning and maintaining timely execution of the same.

2. Photographer

career in wedding industries

Being a wedding photographer means being extremely vigilant on the wedding day. It is the photographer’s responsibility to capture each and every special moment in his camera and hence, the photographer has to have a sense of alertness and be on his toes to capture any special moment. After the wedding, the photographer will be responsible for editing and compiling the images before he sends it across.

3. Caterer

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The Caterer is in charge of the food department. The caterer, in coordination with the bride and groom, decides on the food menu. He is responsible for the cooking and the serving of the food. The caterer also looks out for the table arrangement and manages the staff in charge of serving the food. A caterer needs to be good at conventional tasks and should have managerial skills.

4. Beautician

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If you are creative and are comfortable meeting new people, then this is one of the careers best suited for you. Being a beautician, you also need to have an eye for detail and be dexterous. A beautician plays a crucial role in determining the bride’s happiness and her overall presentation on the wedding day. Since the bride and groom are the centre of attention, the world is waiting to have a glimpse of them and hence, they have to look perfect. And it is the beautician’s task, to use their skills and make them look perfect.

5. Wedding Choreographer/ DJ

careers in wedding industry

No wedding today is complete without an elaborate sangeet (dance programme). From friends to family, everyone is excited to show their moves on this day. So even though as a choreographer you might not have a role to play during the wedding, you might have to conduct intense teaching and practice sessions before the wedding. Along with being creative, being patient would be one of the key skills required by the choreographer. 

The dance preparation is done, but it cannot be executed without a DJ. A DJ brings life to the wedding ceremonies. The DJ is in charge of the music being played throughout the ceremonies. He might either have a predetermined list of songs to play from, or would be asked to play as per public demand.

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