Make your Career in Wedding Planning & Career in Wedding Management in 2020

Career in Wedding Planning

Career in Wedding Planning

Doesn't engineering and medical interest you? Are you striving for some offbeat career choices, stand out from those generic careers that are set by our society? Then let's introduce you to a career in wedding planning, which is one of the most thriving careers that young aspirants choose. 

2020 is here, and we must understand how thriving and flourishing the wedding industry has become, with people yearning to have exuberant and extravagant ideal wedding celebrations. The demand for wedding planners has gone up with the wedding industry getting fat. Planning a wedding has become a hectic job to do and execute, after the involvement of new trends into the wedding celebration, and having offbeat weddings at the dreamy destination. Since it is a big responsibility to deliver and deliver it perfectly, couples tend to hire sharp wedding planners who design, outline, orchestrate, and execute the planning of the wedding flawlessly. From hiring the caterers to designing invitations, selecting decorations, florists, location, venue, and everything else, everything needs attention to detail, which is why wedding planners are hired to do the job. 

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 Career in Wedding Management

Why is Wedding Planning An Exceptional Career Option?

Since the Wedding industry is becoming fatter by every day, it is very important to note that wedding happenings can never stop or pause, they will rather get more and more prolific given the demand of couples. Whether you are thinking to launch your career alone or join hands with someone as a business partner, it will, initially, be difficult for you to understand the process and the algorithm of the wedding but once you will build your rapport, you will be able to handle the events, build contacts, and deliver the requirements timely.

career in wedding planning

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Career in Wedding Management

Why This Is The Perfect Time To Launch Your Career In Wedding Planning?

It is 2020, You just need to dive in. The wedding industry in India is thriving as you read, it has become more than what it was just five years ago. With everyday demands, the Indian wedding industry has become humongous, which rose the demands for wedding planners in the industry. 

There are several startups out there that are looking for fresh professionals to help them run the business prosperously. Almost all the weddings are planned these days by the successful wedding planner, so if you are worried about the job opportunities in this field, it is very huge, you just have to buckle yourself up. 

There are numerous certification and diploma courses that you can avail to officially launch your career in wedding planning. At Wedding Management Institute, we provide a Diploma in Wedding Management, Certificate in Wedding Design, and Certification in Event Planning, we strive to educate the young and aspiring wedding planners with the latest trends in the industry and teach them how to Plan, Organise, Orchestrate and execute the big giant events successfully. 

You can check out our course details - WMI Courses

career in wedding planning

It requires four traits, which you must master!

1. Passion and Commitment

Making yourself available anytime is the biggest challenge in wedding planning, unlike standard jobs with a 9 to 5 schedule. Wedding planners do not have standard timings to work, they have to make themselves available as per the schedule of the client. This is where you require your passion. And it is also important that what you promise you must deliver that in time. Meeting the commitments will have an extraordinary impression of your company and yourself. 

2. Honesty and Integrity

While you are working with your client, you must live up to the expectations by being trustworthy. As weddings are family events, you will have to interact with the family members and might face answering the same question ten time, you should be honest about everything that you do while planning a wedding, it will hold up your integrity high.

3. Understanding

There is a lot of stress while planning and executing the wedding ceremony, you must always play cool and be understandable at every circumstance. As this event is very significant for the family, you must understand all their woes and requirements. If you can not work out what they demand, you must be able to give the alternative.

4. Connections

Networking is very important in the wedding industry. In simple words, you must know how to build your connections and contacts. If you want to be a successful wedding planner, you will need to have a strong base, from a strong network with top caterers to florists, decor designers, top hotels, and so on. The more the strong network of your team, the more successful the event can be. Just dive in!

So if you are ready to make your career in this event and wedding industry, then we would suggest you start with our Event Management Course.

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